How To Paint A Metal Building? Detailed Guideling

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None of us likes the sight of old rugged metal buildings; Metals rust with time and if you use metal to build a house, then bear in mind that various environmental factors may significantly affect your adored metal building. In the modern world, metal is widely used in the building industry. You have probably seen both residential and commercial houses made of metal.

The metals used are prone to wear and tear, which is why you should repaint them to keep them in good condition. Most contractors prefer to use aluminum metal over other metals because it is not affected by rust and corrosion. However, aluminum metal is pretty expensive, which is why most contractors opt for cheaper metals that require maintenance at given intervals to keep the metal building in good shape. Such maintenance activities essentially involve repainting and recoating the metal building. So, is there a way to paint your metal building? Continue reading to find out.

Why paint your metal building?

There are numerous justifications as to why you might want to paint your metal structure. You may decide to paint your metal building to change its color or do the renovation. Be it as it may, chances are, you have not done any painting to your facility before.

So you require all the available help on how to paint your metal building. Both experienced and amateur painters may find it challenging to paint a metal building which is why this article will come in handy. Keep reading for more insight.

Before you begin any painting on your metal building, you need to understand the basics and the materials you need for the job. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the day you choose to paint your building must be conducive to weather conditions; It should not be a rainy day, and doing the painting in the morning hours is a good pick. Are there specific materials you need for the job?

Yes, check out the list below:

  • Water
  • Bleach
  • Paint
  • Wire brush
  • Ladder
  • Paint sprayer

Steps to follow on painting a metal building.

With that in mind, let’s jump right into the steps you must follow on how to paint your metal building. Won’t we?

Prepare the metal surface

There could be several ways to paint your metal building, but it is essential to start with surface preparation by cleaning it and removing particles and dust. Mix the bleach with water and apply on the metal surface to get rid of any growth of mold or mildew

Use your wire brush to exfoliate any loose paint if you are changing the color of your metal building by scrubbing the surface. You don’t want your final painting to come off quickly, and as such, you should clean the surface thoroughly.

You might find rust on the surface, in which case you need to get rid of it by scraping the surface,  then clean the area with warm soapy water to remove any contaminants that might affect the adhesive properties of your paint.

Wipe the metal surface of the building using a piece of cloth and examine it closely for any unwanted particles. If any particles are left, repeat the above step to achieve a clean surface ready for painting.

If the building is prominent, consider using a high-pressure washer to save you time and energy. Ensure there is no soap residue on the building’s surface by rinsing it thoroughly and leaving the metal surface to dry accordingly.

Allow for a maximum of two days drying time, and remember to be cautious while trying to get to the upper part of the building by whatever means to mitigate any injuries.

Shield the doors and windows

You don’t want to apply paint all over your building for reasons better known to you. There are parts that you must exclude, such as doors and windows. You shield windows and doors by covering them with an appropriate cover.

Application Of The Primer

The primer is an initial application to the surface to make the surface and the paint bond accordingly. The primer also acts as a shield for the surface being painted, metal in this context.

Your building might be enormous with an extensive surface to be painted. In this case, consider using a paint sprayer or a roller to cover large areas and save time.

You Should always use a primer if you are painting your metal building for the first time or where the old painting has been dramatically affected by rust and corrosion. It will help if you Choose a solvent-based primer that applies to your metal surface, and apply two coats of the primer before finally applying your desired paint.


Now you have come to the final stage of your job, if it is big enough, you should use paint sprayers and rollers to save you time and energy. Before painting, ensure the primer is completely dry and also clean the sprayer before using it.

It is highly recommended to use appropriate acrylic-latex paint for metal surfaces to protect your building from weather conditions that might erode the surface of your structure. However, this is only possible if the color used previously was oil-based.

Precautions to take

  • Do not walk on  the painted surface if it is still wet
  • Before placing your feet on the ladder, ensure it is well-supported
  • Watch your step  when walking along the edges
  • Do not move your feet too fast.


And that’s how simple it can be to paint your metal building! Remember, there are just do-it-yourself steps you should try out whenever you want to build your metal building. There are numerous justifications as to why you might want to paint your metal structure. You may decide to paint your metal building to change its color or do the renovation. Be it as it may, chances are, you have not done any painting to your facility before, and it is time to do it right the first time.

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