Best Enamel Paint For Metal

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Because metal surfaces are smooth, you may find it a bit hard to paint them. On that note, let us examine two of the best enamel paints for metal surfaces.

At whatever point you decide to paint your household things such as cabinets, furniture, and fixtures, your main target is to restore the look of your fixtures and other items to their original brand-new state. However, there is more to a mere application of paint.

One key consideration before you start your painting project should be the quality of paint you will use. Still, the market is flooded with all sorts of paint, we have taken it upon ourselves to enlighten you on the best enamel paints for metal. So, you can make the right buying decision.

You will find this article an invaluable source of knowledge if you are racking your brains on the best enamel paint for metal.

Who Needs This Product?

Occasionally, we find ourselves operating under tight budget constraints and because most paintworks may drain our pockets, you may opt to do the paintwork all by yourself instead of hiring a professional. Regardless, it is better to have sufficient information about metal paints because you want to use the best quality paint money can buy. 

This article is meant for professional painters and beginner painters alike; People who want to improve their artistic skills. 

What Do Readers Will Learn?

The contents of this article will enlighten you on the best enamel paint for metal surfaces, the features of such paints, a detailed review, and a buyer’s guide to help you make a proper buying decision.

Note that you can fully count on this review because we did extensive research regarding the topic of our discussion (best enamel paints for metals). Additionally, we have premised our review on the fact that we have tried some of these paints and chose the best in the market.

Top 2   Best Enamel Paint for Metals Review & Buying Guide-2021 

Since there are all sorts of enamel paint brands in the market, each having a range of features for selling purposes, it would be better if you know what you are looking for. 

Fortunately, below, we share a list of the best enamel paint for metals to save your valuable time and money. Keep reading.

1. Krylon K09232007 ‘Rust Tough’ Silver Metallic Rust Preventive Enamel: Best for mailboxes, lampposts, outdoor furniture, and tools. 

Krylon K09232007 'Rust Tough' Silver Metallic Rust Preventive Enamel - 12 oz. Aerosol

Top on our list is the Krylon K09232007 ‘Rust Tough’ Silver Metallic Rust Preventive Enamel paint. It is one of the best water-based enamel paints with a wide range of applications including doing final touches on surfaces, refurbishing old-looking surfaces, and restoring the look of your home fixtures. 

Krylon K09232007 paint is compatible with most surfaces, so it is highly regarded by many can artisans.


  • Krylon  K09232007 paint does not require any form of priming
  • It offers long-term protection against rust
  • It is effective in fighting against rust facilitating agents
  • It offers better resistance to the effect of fading
  • Drys quickly so you can work on your painting project pretty fast.



  • Easy to use with much less trouble
  • It has an excellent life once it is applied to metal
  • It fights against all forms of stains on your metal surface
  • No primer is needed before painting
  • It is cheap and durable, so you don’t have to worry about the cost and quality aspects.


  • The product is scarce so grab it while stocks last.

Reason to Buy 

If you are looking for economical paint with excellent bonding properties, you should consider Krylon  K09232007 paint. Not only does it offer long-term protection against rust, but also good paint in case you want to paint on a variety of home equipment and fixtures.

2. Krylon KSCB004 Short Cuts Brush-On Paint, 1-Ounce, Chrome: Best for Small Painting Projects 

Krylon KSCB004 Short Cuts Brush-On Paint, 1-Ounce, Chrome

Painting projects can be categorized based on their size. If your painting project is small-scale, then you should consider using   Krylon KSCB004. This paint is top-notch with excellent properties. Below is a detailed description of this paint.


  • Krylon KSCB004paint is durable
  • It is easy to use
  • The paint gives value for money
  • The paint gives you consistent results with a high degree of accuracy.


  • Dries pretty faster and easily
  • Krylon KSCB004 paint is elegant and gives a smooth finish to your paintwork
  • It is a cheap and durable paint
  • It is compatible with most surfaces.


  • It offers you a consistent and better finish
  • The paint is cheap and durable
  • Offers top-notch looks on your paintwork
  • It dries quickly
  • Suitable for use on most surfaces.


  • The paint is scarce due to demand.

Reason to Buy

If you want to work a bit fast on your project, then you should consider using  Krylon KSCB004 paint. The paint offers excellent application properties such as fast drying and consistent results. Additionally, it has excellent viscosity so you can apply it with much ease.

Best Enamel Paint for Metal: Buying Guide

Often, you get confused when you are buying a given paint. Many companies have produced all sorts of paint brands, so if you have scanty knowledge, you might end up wasting your money. With that in mind, we have carefully developed a detailed review to act as a guide to your buying decisions. 

This guide is a composition of expert views and analysis of the different types of paint brands coupled with intensive online research, so you can be sure you are consuming credible information. 

Factors influencing the choice of paint 

Suitability for the surface

Due to the varied nature of paints, it would be better to choose the right paint to apply on your metal surface.

Paint is either water-based or oil-based and this will influence the bonding properties on whatever surface you choose to apply them. You should consider using enamel paint that has excellent properties both in terms of resistance to rust and fading effect. 

Low Volatile Compounds 

Personal safety should be one of your greatest concerns. Most paints contain toxic compounds (also known as volatile compounds) that if inhaled, may interfere with your respiratory system. The toxic additives in paint evaporate into the surroundings upon the application of paint. 

It would be better for you to consider buying paint products with zero volatile additives to safeguard your health. 

Short Dry Time

Whenever you are painting a metal surface, your primary aim is to finish your paintwork pretty quickly so you should use paint that dries pretty fast.

The longer it takes for your paint to dry, the more you get exposed to the toxic compounds. 

Because you are dealing with a metal surface, it would be helpful to strike a balance between drying time and the quality of the paint you will use. 

Combination of Paint and Primer

Most paint brands come fully packaged for painting. Such paints contain all the necessary additives like a priming additive so you don’t have to buy another primer on the side. It would be better to consider buying such paints for better results.


The thickness of your preferred paint is a key consideration whenever you are deciding on the best enamel paint for metal surfaces. Because you are painting on a metal surface a viscous paint will give you better results. 

Other Crucial Considerations affecting the choice of paint

  • Be sure to apply a primer to your metal surface. Always Prime Before Painting. In the previous sections, we mentioned how difficult painting a metal can be. So, depending on the nature of your enamel paint, always ensure you apply a suitable primer followed by the first coat of your preferred paint. Ensure you follow all the necessary steps during the initial stages for better results. 
  • Use Oil-Based on outdoor paintwork. Oil-based paints bond excellently with metal surfaces but because they take quite a while to dry, it is advisable to use them on paintwork involving outdoor activities. Additionally, you don’t want to damage your respiratory system from the harmful additives contained in oil-based paints. 
  • Use water-based paints on paintwork involving indoor projects. Water-based enamel paints are suitable for metal surfaces that are based in your house or enclosed space, Water-based paints dry much faster and are less toxic in terms of active compounds. 

Benefits of Paint for Metal

It makes the metal durable. One of the reasons we apply paint to objects is to protect them from the effects of rust and corrosion. Agents of corrosion and rust such as water and air will increase the rate of wear on your metal surface if left unpainted for a long time. 

Shields the metal from rust. Metal surfaces are susceptible to the effects of rust and corrosion. The rate at which a metal surface rusts is dependent upon the nature of the surface; a naked metal surface will rust much faster than a painted metal surface. 

Types of paint for use on metal surfaces 

The following is a comprehensive list of some of the paints to use on metal surfaces; Check them out. 

1.Conventional paints(traditional) 

These are paints that have been established for a long time and they work excellently on metal surfaces. The positive attribute with this paint is that they are compatible with most surfaces, both outdoor and indoor paintworks

2. Aerosol paint  

One attribute of the best enamel paint is the ability to be sprayed and or be applied by a paintbrush/paint roller. Spray paint lasts much longer and it also has excellent adhesive properties. It would be better to consider using spray paint if you are dealing with a large painting project. Note that you need to spray more than one coat for effective results. 

3. Finishing paint 

This paint comes in handy when you are doing small touches to your metal surface. The paint comes in small cans probably because you don’t need huge quantities to do touch-ups on your metal surface. If you are considering concealing paint flaws on your paintwork, then this should be your paint of choice. 

4. Paint markers (pens) 

These are used to do minor touch-ups on your paintwork. They are suitable whenever you want to add a bit of decoration to your paintwork. They are the size of a pen and can hold just enough paint to create your preferred decorations and patterns. The tips have fine bristles so you can paint effortlessly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The painting niche has many questions, some of which remain unanswered due to shallow research. Regardless, we compiled a list of top queries by various users across the globe. With each question, we have tried to answer to the best of our knowledge. Check them out below:

Is it possible to find the best enamel paint in the market?

There are many different brands of paint in the market, but the best paint should be high gloss to give you a clean finish.

Does enamel have any special advantages over other paint brands?

One advantage that makes enamel paint a darling to many artists is its ability to dry pretty quickly compared to other paints. 

How durable is enamel paint?

Enamel paint is available, both water-based and oil-based. But of the two, oil-based enamel has excellent properties that make it more durable.

Between latex and enamel, which one is better?

Both of these paints have excellent features, but enamel stands out due to its durability aspects.

Is a primer necessary when using enamel paint?

Enamel paints are a combination of paint and a suitable primer, so you don’t need a primer for your paintwork. 


There are various brands of paint in the market, and selecting the best requires you to have up-to-date knowledge. So, in this article, we tried to give you a list of the two best enamel paints for metal surfaces. We hope that the descriptive nature of this article will help you make a proper buying decision.

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