The Ultimate 5 Gallon Paint Buying Guide in 2022

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“Every canvas is a journey all its own.” – Helen Frankenthaler

The canvas can be the wall of your property, which needs colors to define itself. Each coat on the wall tells a story of its own.

Painting your home shouldn’t be a difficult job if you have the right tools available. It’s in fact a very fulfilling job and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you are able to get the desired finish and look.

However, before starting the job there is a need to do some research on the type of paint you’re going to need as well as the amount of paint to buy. This is to ensure that you don’t end up wasting or throwing away the extra paint. Plus, there are some paint manufacturers that offer large buckets of paint so you can save money and get the job done economically.

The Ultimate 5 Gallon Paint Buying Guide in 2022

This article primarily focuses on the benefits of buying 5 gallons of paint. It would help everyone understand how important 5 gallon bucket paint is and how it can effectively be consumed.

A lot of people may not even know that a 5-gallon paint bucket is available for purchase online or from a local hardware shop. If you buy separate cans for a large area to be covered, the job will become difficult and more time-consuming. This is because you will have to rush to the market to buy another can when one finishes. All this hassle will only make the painting job unnecessarily long and boring.  

Let’s find out how a 5-gallon bucket of paint can be beneficial for your painting needs. In this article, we will look at the reasons to buy high-quality paint and how you can make use of the paint bucket after the job is done. We will also look at some highly-rated 5-gallon bucket paints available on the market for exterior and interior use.

So, let’s get started!   

Why Do You Need to Buy Good Quality Paint?

Whenever you need a finishing job on your property to be done, a good quality paint is going to provide an amazing outlook for others to appreciate. For this, you would need to buy the paint after careful research.

Many people think that all paints are of the same quality and it’s basically the painter’s job to achieve the desired finish on a wall, exterior or interior. But this is not entirely true. The quality and contents of a particular paint also play a major role in determining the final look of a freshly painted wall.

It is therefore very important to do your research before buying a paint bucket. If a paint product is expensive, it’s expensive for a reason. Some paints are also formulated to be used even by beginner painters. They already have primers mixed in them and so the job becomes very easy and straight forward.   

In addition to choosing the right paint for a particular job, you also need to focus on the amount of paint to buy. Although this decision depends on the area you are trying to cover, there are some benefits of 5 gallon buckets of paint. In the next sections, we will find out why you should choose a 5 gallon paint bucket and how to choose the right amount of paint.

There are numerous kinds of paint to choose from and people often tend to get confused. This guide will walk you through the best 5 gallon paints available on the market.

How to Choose the Right Amount of Paint?

Not sure how much paint you need for a painting job at home? Professional painters usually have a clear idea of how much paint they are going to need but sometimes the estimates can go wrong. Plus, some painters may tell you to buy more and have the remaining amount wasted.

It’s best to spend money on a 5 gallon paint bucket because it is not only economical but the bucket can also be converted to something useful later on. Also, some of these paints are extremely high-quality and very efficient.

But before we jump onto the 5 gallons of paint, let’s first discuss some ways of choosing the right amount of paint for your property.

Use an Online Calculator

First, you need to estimate the amount of paint required for either exterior or interior finishing or both. An online calculator would help you determine how much paint you would need.

You will find these effective tools on the websites of different paint retailers and manufacturers. The key point here is to mention whether you are looking for one or two coats. If you require covering old paint, assume that you will need only one coat.

If you are going to paint the walls, for example, the procedure is to first measure the length of each wall from end to end. Multiply this number by the height of walls. The value you get is the area or square footage that needs to be painted.

Now divide this number by the estimated coverage as given by a manufacturer. This could be 400 sq. ft. per gallon of paint or any other number. The answer you get is the number of gallons you are going to need for painting all walls in your home. 

Remember, this calculation is only for the first coat of paint. If you need a second coat or you’re looking for a particular type of finish, then you will need double the amount of paint as calculated earlier. Moreover, some surfaces absorb more paint than others, so for these surfaces you will need more paint.

Omni Calculator is a good place to start especially if you’re a beginner and have absolutely no idea about the amount of paint you need.

Look for Manufacturer and Retailer Facebook Pages

You need to visit the Facebook pages of different retailers and manufacturers to get an idea about their products. You can also see the reviews which will help you decide in a better way. Look for coupons, rebates and other news related to sales.

This step is optional but it will help you get an idea about different manufacturers and their specialties. Some paints need only a single coat, while others are specially formulated for specific areas. Don’t forget to look at the paint efficiency, which is written on the paint can or bucket. It is expressed in m2/l or ft2/l.

It’s Always Better to Buy 5 Gallon Paint Buckets

The main reason being that it’s usually cheaper than buying five 1-gallon cans of the same finish. The larger buckets are best for handling big jobs.

These containers also come in handy when you need to store paint for future jobs. A 5 gallon paint bucket can cover an area of 1,800 square feet approximately. If you buy an expensive bucket that contains high-quality paint, you won’t need to paint again for another five years or so.  

Ask About “oops” Paints

These paints are returned or left by customers who have second thoughts about buying the paint. You can get these “oops” paints for a very low price per gallon. If you see that only a gallon is available and you require two for a particular job, then mix it with the regular one in the same color to get a consistent tone.

Shop During Holiday Weekends

The sales during the holiday weekends help customers grab 5 gallon of paint buckets at a very reasonable price. These sales are very effective for purchasing large amounts of paint at once.

Although it’s not recommended to choose cheap paint, sometimes even popular brands like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer very efficient paint at a low price. Keep an eye on these discounts and save money.

Top Features of a 5 Gallon Paint Bucket

The bucket paint is also known as a pail where you can carry wherever you want. If the gallon is unopened, you can easily reuse it whenever you need or even get it resold if not needed.

In latex and water-based acrylic paints, the paint inside is available as late as 10 years old which can be used very effectively. On the other hand, alkyd and oil-based paint last longer for up to 15 years.

A paint estimator gives us an indication that a 5 gallon bucket of paint would actually cover up to 1,800 square feet of area. An 8-by-12 inch area can easily be painted with a quart of a 5 gallon paint bucket.

5 gallons of paint would actually cost you less than buying 1 gallon paint of five containers. If you wish to paint the same color then you can easily buy 5 gallon bucket paint instead of getting one. This way, it would be cheaper to buy.

Uses of 5 Gallon Bucket of Paint

When the paint has been used for the project, you can use the bucket in a number of different ways. Here we list down some of the most common uses of a 5 gallon bucket when your job is done and the bucket is no longer needed to mix paint.

1. Retiling

When the time to retile the floors comes or if you need to redo the backsplash then there’s no better way to use the 5 gallon buckets of paint. You can easily treat the bucket as a mixing bowl where you can add messy cement, sealant, or caulk.

The best part is that being portable, it helps in replacing tiles at multiple areas with just one batch of the prepared mix.

2. Make a Stool

An empty 5 gallon bucket paint can be used for crafting a custom stool to sit. The easy DIY procedure would help you create a stool out of an empty paint bucket. All you need to do is grab some quick concrete mix, wooden dowels to make the legs and the empty bucket.

Pour about 3 inches of concrete in the bucket, then carefully place the dowels in. Let it set for some time and then simply pop the stool from the bucket.

3. Make a Toddler Swing

You can easily transform a regular 5 gallon paint bucket into an affordable toddler swing. Isn’t this an interesting idea? You can begin by carving the empty bucket into a swing shape.

Then you need to drill four holes, two on the sides of the swing to hold it and two near the back to prevent toddlers from tripping. A strong rope needs to suspend the swing from a stronger tree branch. Once done, it’s a lot of fun.

4. Turn it Into an Organizer for Supplies

5 gallon paint buckets make excellent organizers for home or office supplies. You can allow consuming the storage space effectively by fitting a bucket bag with external storage pouches.

5. Make a Mini Washing Machine

You can make a portable mini washing machine with just an ordinary paint bucket. Simply cut a hole in the lid of the bucket, place a clean plunger through and then cap the lid tightly. Now plunge away to move the garments inside so these can get cleaned inside.

5 Gallon Interior vs. Exterior Paint

While both interior and exterior paints contain the same basic materials, there are some subtle differences between the two. If you want to paint an exterior wall, flooring, or furniture, it is recommended to choose special paint meant for this purpose.

Interior paint is required to paint all the walls inside your property while exterior paint is meant to be used outside. Some paints are formulated to be used both indoors and outdoors. They contain special ingredients that make them suitable for outdoor use as well.

If you need to do both interior and exterior of your house, it is recommended to buy a 5 gallon paint bucket. Montage Signature Eco-friendly Paint comes in a 5 gallon bucket and it is meant for both interior and exterior use.   

Montage Interior/Exterior Paint

This paint is available in 18 different colors and offers a beautiful low-sheen finish. As you can see, if you buy five buckets of 1 gallon paint individually it will be much more expensive than buy a single 5 gallon bucket of this paint.

5 Gallon Interior Paint

Interior paint is characterized by features like stain-resistance and easy to clean or wash. It is formulated to be scrubbed easily and it usually resists physical damage.

Interior paints are made with chemicals that are safe for breathing while exterior paints would have a strong smell from the harsh chemicals as it needs to resist tough conditions.

You can find 5 gallon ceiling paint and 5 gallon paint with primer in this category. Let’s find out more about the types of interior paint available on the market.

Interior Paint With Primer

If you want to make the painting job easier and less time-consuming, you should go for a paint that already has primer mixed in it. When it comes to interior paint that offers a premium flat finish, McCormick Revo Interior Paint + Primer is the best choice. 

If you buy this product, you are not going to need a separate primer. So, it’s also a cost-saver option. Also, these types of paints are easier to apply so even a beginner can do well with this paint. It is recommended for indoor use because it is low in odor and low in VOC content.

5 Gallon Latex Paint

Latex semi-gloss interior paint is meant to hide the flaws in a wall. Choose Diamond Brite 5 Gallon Latex Paint if you’re looking for a cost-effective option to paint your walls and give them a semi-gloss finish.

You may need to apply two coats to bring about the desired color and texture. Also, some of the colors available in this paint are going to require two coats anyway. Remember, light colors are more suitable for hiding flaws than dark ones.

5 Gallon Exterior Paint

5 gallon outdoor paint needs to be good enough in order to sustain the harsh weather conditions. It is subjected to bear extreme weather conditions and resisting mold, mildew, fading, chipping, cracking, etc.

Waterproof 5 Gallon Exterior House Paint

If you want to buy waterproof paint only for exterior use for painting concrete, roofs, and fence, then we recommend Jetcoat Acrylic Outdoor Fence and Barn Paint.

This paint is also available in a 5 gallon bucket and is quite reasonably priced. It is a water-based formula and mostly recommended for wooden surfaces. The paint is advertised as fade-resistant and livestock-friendly.

It is also known as 5 gallon black exterior paint or 5 gallon semi gloss paint because it offers a beautiful, semi-gloss finish. 

High Quality 5 Gallon Paint and Primer In One

If you’re looking for an acrylic paint that already has primer mixed in it, then you need the Microblend Exterior Paint and Primer. This is a high-quality product that provides a semi-gloss sheen to your walls. The best thing about this paint is that it’s available in a 5 gallon bucket and a number of beautiful, neutral colors.

Flat Finish Exterior Paint

McCormick State House Exterior Paint is 100% acrylic paint and it comes in 5 gallon buckets and it’s something you should consider if you’re looking for a flat finish. The paint is recommended for surfaces like aluminum and wood. It is weatherproof and sun-proof and offers long-lasting results.

The only drawback is that you won’t be able to find it in a lot of colors. The smooth and flat finish it offers can be attributed to excellent flow and leveling.  

What is a 5 Gallon Paint Primer?

A primer in general terms is also known as the undercoat that prepares the object for the actual paint. You must have heard of makeup primers which are used on the skin in order to prepare the skin for the makeup so that it stays for a longer time.

Priming makes sure that the paint is strongly adhesive to the surface, increases the durability of the paint and provides extra protection for the surface being painted. The 5 gallon primer paint would help in coating the surfaces of a huge property in less cost.

It is recommended to buy 5 gallon primer paint rather than purchasing five 1 gallon cans separately. This helps to save money and reduces the time needed to finish the job.

As we have already discussed, some paints come mixed with primer paint so you don’t need to buy it separately. McCormick and Montage are two brands that offer paint + primer in 5 gallon paint can both for interior and exterior use. These paints are quite useful and effective.

However, if you want to buy just the primer, here are a few suggestions.

All-Purpose 5 Gallon Interior Paint and Primer

KILZ 2 Interior/Exterior Primer is a multi-surface sealer and stainblocker. You can use it prior to applying the actual paint whether it is exterior or interior to make it stick better to a surface. Primers are also recommended if you want to cover up stains and flaws on a wall.

This one comes in a 5 gallon paint bucket and is quite reasonably priced. It can dry up within 30 minutes so you don’t have to wait for a long time to start painting your walls. Some people apply two coats of primer if the wall is too much stained, dirty, or damaged.

Odor Barrier 5 Gallon Primer

Primer paints are also formulated to block unpleasant odors like pet and smoke odors. If you’re looking for such a primer, we recommend looking at FixALL Stain & Odor Barrier 5 Gallon Primer. It only helps to block bad smell in the house but also resists smoke and water stains.    

It has a quick-drying action and is quite easy to apply. One drawback is that it is quite expensive especially if you need a 5 gallon primer bucket. 1 gallon bucket is reasonably priced but if you buy five gallons of these separately, it won’t be as economical as buying a 5 gallon bucket.

5 Gallon Paint + Primer

If you’re in search of acrylic paint with low VOC, suitable for both interior and exterior, and which comes with primer already mixed in it, you need Microblend 5 Gallon Interior Paint and Primer.

This paint has been formulized to offer maximum stain hiding and is 100% acrylic. The finish it offers is silky smooth and luxurious to the touch. Since it is also meant for exterior use, you can expect extra UV protection. This paint is highly recommended if you want to use a dark color to cover up dirty and stained surfaces. The results have been found to be amazing.

5 Gallon Oil Based Paint vs. 5 Gallon Water Based Paint

After analyzing the sort of primer paint to be used, the next important thing is to decide on the type of paint to be selected. It is more important than deciding on the color of the paint. The type of paint would actually decide on the overall look of your surface and how it adheres to it.

Whether the 5 gallon paint bucket you are using is water-based or oil-based would actually give the final look to your surface such as walls, doors, ceilings or roof. Both these types of paints are selected for totally different reasons.

Firstly, you need to determine the type of paint that’s on the walls before repainting them. If you are unaware of the type of paint used on the walls then you can wipe the surface with denatured alcohol. If the rag picks up the paint, it means it’s water-based. If there are no paint stains on the rag, then it’s likely to be oil-based.

Water-Based 5 Gallon Paint

Water-based paints, which are also known as latex paints, have a pigment and binder, using water as a carrier.

These paints are the most common and environmentally safe option. The main features are that these paints have great color retention over time, dry out faster, and produce less odors. The most important feature is that water-based paints can ideally be used over existing oil-based paints but the reverse is not likely to give the best results.

Water-based acrylic 5 gallon paint buckets are quite popular. Microblend 5 Gallon Interior Paint and Primer is one such example. We have already discussed the features of this paint above. It contains self-leveling additives and is therefore quite easy to apply.

Moreover, water-based paints are usually formulated with stain blockers and agents that resist rust and that is why they are best suited for walls that need a touch-up. And finally, if you need a paint that is capable of blocking odors, you need a water-based formula.

Diamond Brite 5 Gallon Semi-Gloss Latex Paint is another example of water-based paint that comes in a 5 gallon bucket. The materials this paint works best on include wood, vinyl, metal, and aluminum. However, it also offers a semi-gloss finish to the walls particularly those that need to hide stains.

Since this paint doesn’t come with primer already mixed in it, you will have to prime the walls first or any other surface you’re painting.     

In the category of water-based primers that come in a 5 gallon bucket, KILZ Restoration Primer is quite popular. Although it’s water-based, it is known to give oil and shellac performance. The surfaces you can prime using this primer paint include ceramic, glass, and metal.

Not only does this primer helps to prime and seal a surface, it also acts as a stain and odor blocker. KILZ is a well-known brand and its products are known to offer exceptional performance. However, one downside is their hefty price tag, which can be a problem for some people.  

Oil-Based 5 Gallon Paint

Oil-based paints contain either naturally extracted oils such as linseed oil, or a synthetic alkyd. They consist of a pigment and a resin in a solvent thinner. With the evaporation of the thinner, the resin builds up a hard coating.

It is advisable to the painters to use a 5 gallon oil-based paint if they want the finish to last for a long time and they don’t plan to change the color very frequently.

5 gallon oil-based paint would assist in painting huge areas of surfaces with less cost. These paints are highly durable and are able to withstand routine contact, which makes them ideal for moldings and trims.

The resin of an oil-based paint creates a hard coating which is not breathable. This helps in resisting stains and rust for a long time. One thing which should be kept in mind is that oil-based paints have a stronger odor than water-based ones, and will take longer to dry. They are also harder to clean so you need to choose very wisely.

Different Types of 5 Gallon Paints

Now that we have looked at interior as well as exterior and compared water-based with oil-based 5 gallon paints, it’s time to explore some of the most popular paints available on the market that come in 5 gallon buckets.

These products were chosen after careful research and they cater to the needs of a wide range of professional painters, hobbyists, and DIYers.   

1. 5 Gallon Latex Field Marking Paint

This high quality product would help in marking athletic fields and works best on grass, concrete, and clay surface. Latex offers fast-drying action but field marking paints are formulated for professional use only. 

Valspar White Latex Field Marking Paint is one of the top products in this category and it comes in a 5 gallon bucket. It is professional and high-quality paint recommended for commercial and residential applications. The paint can be colored by using 2-3 ounces of colorant per gallon of paint.

Valspar is a name to trust and this particular product has received amazing reviews. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can also consider Yenkin-Majestic Field Marking Paint. This one is also available in a 5 gallon bucket to help you save money on your purchase.

2. 5 Gallon Booth Coating Paint

Peelable or strippable paint is used as a protective covering and it’s easy to apply and remove. You can easily peel away old booth coatings using this type of paint. And the best thing about it is, it is available in a 5 gallon variety so you can buy a lot of paint at once.

DeckGeneral Strippable Booth Coating Paint is a popular paint in this category. It has been formulated to protect walls, floors, and ceilings. The paint is water-based and therefore it dries up quite quickly. It can be used as spray paint or applied to the floors and walls using a roller.

Once you’re done with your job, you can easily remove this type of paint using a stream of water.

3. 5 Gallon Anti-Slip Floor Coating Paint

This type of paint is applied to concrete and asphalt floors to prevent slipping. It is usually formulated as acrylic paint to address peeling and flaking on hard floors. People use these anti-slip paints in their walkways and safety areas. It can also be applied in parks and playgrounds to prevent slip injuries.

If you are looking for a high-quality paint in this category, check out FIXALL Anti-Slip Floor Coating Paint. Although its 5 gallon bucket is a bit expensive, it is 100% acrylic and offers superior adhesion and works on all types of floor types.

The paint is fade resistant and very durable and long-lasting. Another advantage is that it is quite easy to apply so even a beginner can use a roller to paint the exterior floors and make them anti-slip.       

4. 5 Gallon Lead Encapsulating Paint

Lead encapsulants are paints used to seal lead-based paint and are available in the form of adhesives. This process ensures that the environment remains clean from all types of paint chips and dust. Since traditional paint does not act as an encapsulant, you have to use a specialized formula, which is known as lead encapsulating paint.  

These types of paints are also available in 5 gallon varieties. FIBERLOCK LBC Industrial Lead Encapsulanting Paint is an example. LBC stands for lead barrier compound and it is formulated to offer protection from the toxicity of lead.

The paint also contains a bitter anti-ingestant so even if the underlying lead paint chips off, there is no chance of ingesting it. The product is safe to be used in all states and can be used for both interior and exterior applications.   

5. 5 Gallon Enamel Paint For Interior Use

Enamel paint for a flat finish is a latex-based paint recommended for interior use. The result is a long-lasting finish on walls and trims. Enamel paint is usually available as oil paint and is meant for outdoor use to protect surfaces from extreme weather conditions. However, interior enamel paint is also available now for a durable wall coating. 

True Value Semi-Gloss Latex Interior Paint is an example of 5 gallon enamel paint. It is recommended for walls that need a touch-up for hiding stains and flaws. The finish is quite durable and lasts for a long time. Because of its nature, this paint is only recommended for indoor use.  

6. 5 Gallon Wooden Fence Paint

Asphalt fence paint especially formulated for wooden surfaces is available in 5 gallon varieties. Since it is meant for outdoor use, it protects the fences from weathering damage. These paints usually come with permeating and restorative qualities.  

GARDNER-GIBSON 5 Gallon Fence Post Paint is formulated to offer an anti-corrosive coating to your wooden fences. It’s a water-based formula and therefore easy to clean. You can use it on a pre-panted fence or even treated or processed wood with the same results.

7. 5 Gallon Latex Fire Barrier Paint

Paints that restrict fire movement and reduce smoke are becoming very popular. They are recommended for home garages, kitchens, and even baby nurseries. These paints are composed of a special chemical makeup – suspended in a binder. They are also known as fire-resistant and fire retardant paints.

Contego International Inc. is a renowned brand offering high-quality fire barrier paint for homes and commercial use. Their products are free from VOCs and offer zero flame spread. Contego 5 Gallon Fire Barrier Latex Paint is formulated like regular paint but it is also fire resistant, which makes it special and quite useful.    

The paint is absolutely risk-free and has a pleasant smell. It is available in a 5 gallon bucket but the product is a bit expensive. You can apply it to walls and ceilings of your bedrooms and kitchen to be safe in the event of a fire.

Stirring 5 Gallons of Paint Bucket

5 gallon paint buckets are very appropriate for large and small projects alike. The professional contractors would frequently buy 5 gallons paint to use on major projects, whereas homeowners would mix a number of smaller cans of paint together in a 5 gallon bucket in order to create a single, smooth color and texture.

It should be noted that the paint would easily separate and settle when using the paint in large amounts. A special technique is applied to stir a 5 gallon bucket of paint to make sure that the color evens out throughout and it also prevents unnecessary stains on your arms.

How to Stir 5 Gallon Bucket Paint

If you’re wondering how to stir 5 gallon paint and primer, you are in the right place. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you stir the paint like professionals do to achieve the best results.

Step 1

If you’re new to paint stirring, you are going to need a few tools first. The most important tool is a wooden paint stick especially designed for mixing paint. Since 5 gallon paint is quite a large amount of paint, you should get a large, sturdy wooden stick for this purpose.

Multi-purpose wooden sticks for DIY projects are good enough. You can also check out Dowel Rods are quite useful as they are available from 12” to 72” in length. Choose a suitable size to make the process of stirring easy and straight forward.

If you don’t want to get a wooden stirrer, you can also check out metallic paint stirrers available on the market. Navaris Paint Mixer is a tool that can be attached to a drill machine and used for stirring paint. It can even be used for mixing cement, mud, and all other types of liquids.

Simply attach the mixer to a drill machine using a 6mm chuck or larger. Start using the machine to stir your 5 gallon paint. Now that you have the paint stirring stick, spread-out newspaper or a drop cloth and place the 5 gallon bucket paint on top.

Step 2

Put a heavy paint stick down a 5 gallon bucket of paint while scraping it along one side of the bucket. The tip of the stick should touch the bottom of the bucket. That is why we recommend getting 36” or 48” wooden stick for this purpose.

The stick should be sturdy and heavy enough to withstand the thickness and density of 5 gallon paint. If you choose a flimsy and low-quality wooden stick, it will break very easily.

Step 3

While moving slowly, drag the heavy stick around the outer rim of the paint bucket. You will need to pull the stick upwards as you move around the circumference of the bucket.

The main concept here is to draw the paint on the bottom of the can up to the top of the bucket. You need to time your movements so that the lower edge of the stick goes up to the top of the paint when you return to your initial point.

Step 4

Push the stick back to the bottom of the 5 gallon paint can at the starting point. Keep stirring the paint slowly until it reaches a uniform color. It is recommended to keep stirring for five to ten minutes to achieve the best results. If you want to stir the paint faster, then you’re going to need an electric mixer or a drill machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it actually cheaper to buy 5 gallon paint?

5 gallon bucket paint is ideal for storing paint. If you are buying five one-gallon paint cans of the same finish, then it would be more expensive. It is suitable for larger projects as the larger containers would ensure that you don’t waste any time.

However, if you need to paint only a small area, a 5 gallon bucket may not be the best option. Moreover, if you plan on using multiple colors, then you will have to buy separate cans for each color.

Buying 5 gallon of paint is beneficial in the long run when you need to store paint for future use. Or if the area to be covered is large, then a 5 gallon bucket will come cheaper and it will be easier to use.

5 gallons of paint covers how much wall?

It has been estimated that one gallon of paint approximately covers 350 to 400 square feet of area. If we use the same calculation, it is safe to say that 5 gallons will cover typically around 2,000 sq. ft. of area which is around 4 to 5 average sized rooms.

However, this calculation is for the first coat only. If you want to apply multiple coats, then add up accordingly. Moreover, some surfaces have a higher absorption rate and therefore they would need more paint to achieve a desired finish or color.

How much would a 5 gallon paint bucket cost?

A good quality paint would cost on an average between $30 to $50 a gallon of paint. So, according to this calculation, you will spend about $150 to $250 on a 5 gallon paint bucket. Some brands keep offering discounts on their larger buckets, so it’s a good idea to do some research and find the best paint at the best possible price.

How much does a gallon of paint weigh?

The weight of a 1 gallon bucket paint would vary depending on the type of paint being used. A gallon of paint can weigh anywhere from 6 to 12 lbs but it also depends on the brand and the type of paint.

One gallon paints are usually latex and enamel paints because it is considered a medium-sized container. However, tempera paints also come in half-gallon varieties. Oil-based paints come in even smaller quantities.

What is the weight of a 5 gallon paint bucket?

A 5 gallon paint bucket weighs anywhere between 40 and 60 lbs. A Benjamin Moore 5 gallon paint bucket weighs around 55 lbs and covers approximately 350 to 400 sq. ft. of area per gallon.

How long does a 5 gallon paint last?

Some paints are formulated to last for a long time. You can expect all major latex paints to have a shelf life of up to 10 years. However, oil-based paints can last for even longer. If you have opened a paint can and had it stored somewhere, it’s recommended to give it a good stir or mix before using it again. 

Concluding Remarks

Any 5 gallon bucket of paint would allow easy application for larger surfaces like walls and ceilings. Additionally, if you need to paint your roof or a fence, you will need to buy paint in bulk. A gallon can each would only be suitable for small areas like one or two walls, one or two doors etc.

You can always purchase the 5 gallon buckets and whatever is left, you can mix it later with other paint and use it elsewhere. It is always cheaper to buy paint in bulk rather than getting one gallon cans. Professional contractors always purchase paint in 5 gallon buckets to save time and money.

Whenever you plan on getting your property painted, first get a rough estimate as to how much the paint will be required and then go for 5 gallon paint buckets. This way, it will cost you less and also save you time.

This article covers all types of 5 gallon paint buckets available on the market from interior and exterior use paint to high-quality primers. It also looks at various water and oil-based 5 gallon paint buckets available out there so you can choose a suitable product for your painting job.

All the best with your paint search!

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