How To Paint A Ceiling Fan Without Taking It Down?

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The ceiling fan belongs largely to your home decor. If you have a decent set in your home, the nut ceiling fan looks dirty; then it’ll dissolve your reputation and decor. That’s why always make sure that your ceiling fan is always clean. Are you curious and want to know how to paint a ceiling fan without taking it down. Yes, it’s possible.

Here we’ll discuss the most exciting and easiest method you can easily do at your home. We also discuss the tips you must do before painting the ceiling fans.

Supplies needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Pouch
  • Marker
  • Sandpaper
  • Water
  • Bucket Of detergent
  • Ladder
  • Rustoleum Ultra Cover paint in Glos
  • Foaming sheet

Steps To Paint A Ceiling Fan Without Taking It Down

Let’s start our procedure:

Step 1 : Turning off breaker

Firstly, the most important instruction that keeps in your mind is turning off your breaker. Never make the mistake of turning on the breaker. Otherwise, it’ll cause severe results.

Step 2 : Removal of blades 

The next step is to pick up the screwdriver. Using the screwdriver, start removing the blades of the fan. After removing the screws, place your screws in the pouch. If you remove the screws of more than one fan, mark each fan screw in the pouch. It’ll help you in identifying which screw belongs to which fan.

Step 3 : Removal of metal brackets

When you remove the screws, take the blade one by one and remove the metal bracket. Place the metal bracket in the relevant screws pouch. Make sure to put the screws and metal brackets of the same fans in one pouch. 

Step 4 : Use of sandpaper

Pick up the sandpaper and fold it. Now clean the blades.

Step 5 : Clean of the surface

Firstly clean the sand grit area when it is thoroughly cleaned with warm water. If you still feel it’s not clear and wants more cleansing, then use detergent on it—detergent helps in removing grease or any remaining dirt particle.

Step 6 : Painting the motor and blades 

Now it’s time to paint. Paint the motor area. You can use Rustoleum Ultra Cover paint in Glos for this purpose as it’ll give you excellent results. Similarly, paint the blades of the fan by using spray paint. If one coat is not enough, you can do two coats. Let it dry until it dries completely.

Step 7 : Paint on the metal brackets

Now use the spray paint to paint the metal brackets.

Step 8 : Paint on the screws

Punch all the screws of your fan in a foaming sheet. Then use the spray paint on them and make them dry for 5 minutes.

Step 9 : The painted fan is ready.

When every part of the fan will dry completely, join it back to the fan.

All these steps will help you to paint the ceiling fan. It is the easiest method, and it also helps you in how you’ll renew your ceiling fan.

Bonus Method To Paint A Ceiling Fan Without Taking It Down

Now move towards another method of how to paint the ceiling fan without taking it down.

1. First, switch off the fan to work safely. Use a screwdriver for removing arms, blades, and light fixtures from the ceiling fan housing. Use multi-purpose spray cleaner or mild detergent and water for cleaning arms, hardware, and fan housing, including screws. Then, use a lint-free cloth to wipe all these components.

2. Then, cover the work surface in a drop cloth and place arms, blades, and screws into it. Use painter’s tape to cover the ceiling fan housing. Make the screws stand upright by pushing their end into the cardboard piece.

3. Take a metal primer. Apply one coat to the canopy, screws, blade arm, and ceiling fan housing using a foam brush. Then, give it some time for drying out.

4. Take the paint used for the metal in any dish. You can use a small foam brush to paint on the ceiling. Use the brush to work the paint into vents or grooves. After applying the first layer, wait until it doesn’t dry. Then, apply a minimum of two or a maximum of three layers until you get the appearance according to your desire.

5. Use a foam brush to paint the screw head and wait for some time until it dries. Now, take the same paint that you used on the ceiling fan housing. Apply it to the ceiling fan arms and make a minimum of two or a maxim of three layers using a foam brush. Always make sure that you apply the next layer after the first layer has been fully dried because, in the other case, you will get the worst appearance of the fan due to the mixing of paint.

6. Take a primer that is suited for vinyl and apply it on the Paint vinyl fan blades. Make one coat and leave it until it dries completely. After that, use latex paint to apply another coat. Give it time to dry. Use a rag for wiping away the dust and sanding the blade. After finishing the second coat, pause the process for a short time to ensure complete drying of the second layer. Repeat the same process with all fan blades. Give it one day time to be dried completely.

7. Take oil-based paint and apply it to the Paint wood fan blades. It depends on your choice that you’ll apply two or three coats. Apply the next layer after the first layer dries properly. Wait for one day before moving towards the next step.

8. Now you have to wind up the process and get an attractive product. Fasten the arms with fan blades. Place the blades on the ceiling fan housing. If possible, fix the light fixture and unfasten the tape that was fixed around the fan’s canopy.

Congratulations! After reading a small article, you have become professional in painting your old ceiling fan to the next level without removing it. The process is too easy, and the products are awesome but always make sure you follow all instructions properly, especially applying another layer after the first layer dries completely. You don’t have to wait for a professional and invest a large amount in their fee. Be creative and enjoy an amazing product you will create on your own.

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