Best Single Stage Paint

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Do you wanna see the best Single Stage paint? Then, let’s read all the articles in which you’ll go through every feature and description of single-stage paint.

You must repair your car paint like you repair your other house items. Your car is the most favorite part of your life. You must want it to look so graceful. Here’s the paint idea through single-stage paint.

Single-Stage paints hold a glorious past behind them. However, as this product is the most common of the late 70s, it still has high market value, and it cannot be denied.

When you search, you can find a bundle of paints for your car. The more common the product, the harder it is to find suitable paint. But don’t be disappointed. You’ll go through the complete detail of the stage paints, so you can find the product you can choose.

As all the products are not fully complete, the item must contain pros and cons. So let’s read the article to know what pros and cons are along with these paints.

What Is Single-Stage Paint?

Single-Stage paint, as its name describes it, applies in one stage or step. It’s a complete paint with all the chemicals, so you don’t need to collect many items to paint. It’s all in one package. This paint represents a rich history along with amazing features. It’s made to not use a clear coat. The process to use single-stage paint is to apply the primer on your car or any vehicle you want to paint and then apply single-stage paint. Some people thought, why not use the clear coat top on the car. So the answer is the base coat has ingredients that help you in giving a glossy finish. This single-stage automotive paint is now applied on commercial planes, ships, and trains. You may also see some trucks that are painted with this paint.

The main benefit you get from this paint is only a few items, and steps are required. You just have to open your spray gun and fill it with paint and start painting.

The process is so easy, not too complex. But some experts suggest adding a hardener and a reducer before using paint. The purpose of the hardener is to make adhesion stronger with the car’s surface. And the reducer helps you to apply your paint more smoothly on the surface and helps the uneven texture.

Reviews of the articles

We have collected some best single-stage paints to help you. Now your problem is solved. Let’s check the products. All the features and pros and cons are available with each product. It helps you in buying the perfect paint for your product.

1. Dupli-Color BSP200: Jet Black Paint Shop Finish System

Dupli-Color BSP200 Jet Black Paint Shop Finish System - 32 FL OZ, Step 2,single


  • If you’re looking for one of the fantastic SS paints, this paint is indeed a good choice.
  • It provides you with 946-millilitres of liquid.
  • It’s very easy to use, and no mixing is required. It’s ready-to-spray lacquer.
  • It’s pre-reduced; you even need any reduction required.
  • It provides you with excellent results on the exterior of your cars.
  • Very easy and smooth application, and it can dry in a very short time.
  • It’s wet sand simply.
  • Its major benefit is that you do not need to recoat the window, and you can reapply at any time whenever you need.

Key Features

  • The best advantage that this paint will give you is it’s pre-reduced. Just leave the tension of reducing and start painting smoothly and efficiently.
  • It’S has a low VOC of about 0.82 pounds per gallon.
  • You must have to apply a clear coat to make it durable.


  •  Least VOC
  • Very smooth texture
  • Speedily drying among SS paints.
  • Very user friendly


  • The shine goes off after dying.

2. Restoration Shop – Jet Black (Gloss) Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint: Professional Single Stage High Gloss Automotive paint

Restoration Shop - Jet Black (Gloss) Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint - Complete Quart Paint Kit - Professional Single Stage High Gloss Automotive, Car, Truck, Equipment Coating, 8:1 Mix Ratio, 2.8 VOC


  • The package comes in full packing and ingredients. All the items are available, no reducer you need in this paint. If you want to separate, then borrow separately.
  •  Mainly this is automotive SS paint, but it also has marine vessels like ships, fleets, and boat usage to give them highly glossy looks and can also be used in Industries for equipment coating.
  • It gives you lasting results that will remain their glossy finish. It’s very durable and helps your car from external environmental hazards and also from cracks and chips. The UV rays damage is also reduced by this paint.

Key Features

  • Company owners by their own produced and delivered you this kit.
  • No top coat is required, just easy and smooth painting.
  • As it has a low VOC count of 2.8 so it can be used in the USA states. There is no illegal activity in it.
  • This paint is also applied on marine vessels and in wholesale factory coating.
  • It has 190-micro strainers that help you efficiently filter paint.


  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Very durable
  • Low VOC count
  • Easy to use


  • Some people may face a little bit of nostalgic

3. Speedokote SMR-207/211 – Hot Rod Black Paint, Black Satin 2K Urethane: activator included

Speedokote SMR-207/211 - Hot Rod Black Paint, Black Satin 2K Urethane, SMR-207 4:1 Mix Single Stage Gallon kit with activator Included


  • This single-stage paint color is perfect for those who have a craze for the black color. Yes, this hot rod black color comes in a superb color to match your perfectness.
  • This paint contains 3.785-liters of liquid, and if you add the amount of a hardener, it is 0.9475-litres. You have to maintain the ratio of 1,4. Then4, part 4 is your paint liquid, and the 1 part is your activator. Some people who want to add can add thinner up to 10 percent.
  • It has a 4.8 VOC count. But still, it is not used in some states like California because for California; the VOC count is 2.8 pounds per gallon.
  • Its fast-drying helps you in lessening wait amongst recoating.
  • Very good agent against UV and weatherproofing. Extremely good for those who have an outdoor garage.

Key Features

  • It’s specially made in this way that you can use your many spraying techniques. You can opt for it with premium, well-engineered spray guns.
  • Its pressure range is from 8 to 10 PSL.
  • Its ingredients are so good that its top coat gives you a lot of protection.
  • It proves the best resistance against harsh damages and harmful chemicals.
  • It provides you with one and a quarter gallons of sprayable liquid.


  • Superb Jet Black Color
  • Protection from UV Light
  • Speedily Drying
  • Resistant Finish from chemicals.


  • Higher VOC count

4. Speedokote High Gloss Bright White 2K Acrylic Urethane: highly durable

Speedokote High Gloss Bright White 2K Acrylic Urethane, 4:1 Gallon Kit, SMR-9710/1260


  • It’s universal durable acrylic paint.
  • It’s medium-dry in nature, and it will produce high gloss after the painting.
  • Mainly the problem with your automotive is that exterior conditions can damage it. You should not worry here as it provides you with excellent weather resistance and UV rays.
  • It’s durable on any surface you apply.

Key Features

  • The Speedokote high gloss SS automotive paint gives a classy single-stage top coating.
  • It’s dual in nature, it has an activator, and secondly, it has acrylic urethane pigment to produce its color.
  • Maintain the ratio of 3 1. It’s your option to use a 5 % reduction when you want urethane grade thinner.
  • If your mixture has a higher viscosity, then add a urethane reducer to maintain its formula.
  • If you wanna more glossy looks on your automotive, then you need several layers of your paint.
  • Make sure your safety and have safety equipment with you while applying the paint. Its odor is so strong, so be aware of using it safely.


  • It dries completely in just a few hours
  • Provides you with quick drying.
  • Perfect protection against weather conditions.
  • Protection against UV resistance


  • Powerful odor

6. Restoration Shop – Black Cherry Pearl Acrylic Urethane Auto Paint: Low VOC count

Restoration Shop - Black Cherry Pearl Acrylic Urethane Auto Paint - Complete Gallon Paint Kit - Professional Single Stage High Gloss Automotive, Car, Truck Coating, 4:1 Mix Ratio, 2.8 VOC


  • This paint contains no hardener. But you must need to use a hardener for the highest quality results, durable finish, and glossy finish.
  • You need no reducer here, but if you wanna, it can be available separately.
  • It’s the best automotive SS paint but also used in Fleet and Industrial Equipment Coating.
  • This paint has a 4 to 1 ratio means you need four parts of paint and 1 part of the activator.

Key Features

  • Its highest quality ingredients make it able to use at 85 degrees.
  • They are made to use with easy spray technology.
  • It has better UV resistance. You are free to go anywhere you want. Suppose you have an outdoor garage or a person to enjoy the outdoors. This paint is the best choice.
  • It has the very least VOV count of2.8. This VOC is the best to use in the USA because it is legal.


  • Even mixing equipment
  • Pro-grade paint kit
  • Fastest drying among SS paint
  • Extra durable finish
  • No fading, cracking, and chipping
  • Smooth workflow.


  • Not looking too much glossy after finishing.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Single-Stage Paint 

You must keep some information in mind while buying the single-stage paint. All these tips help you in buying the best single-stage paint. So let’s start reading what these tips are.

1. Prior Experience

Experience is topmost while buying the SS paint. You’ll face so many difficulties if you don’t have enough experience with this painting. It seems easy that you only need one step, but some nuances are involved in it. Let’s take an example. In SS paint, you don’t need a topcoat. But some professionals are present that recommend using a hardener and reducer for even and smooth results. You can check whether your paint has these applications or not. But if you don’t know, you may face problems. Let’s take another example: there’s a chance that your restoration or your buffing technique may fail on SS-painted surface cars. If you have gone so powerful with the polisher, your secondary layer appears and destroys your first coat.

So, it’s better to gain some knowledge before using SS paints. You must need to do deep research and have discussions with professionals before applying and buying SS paint.

2. VOC Count

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. Therefore, you have to take these steps very seriously while buying SS paint.

Many automobile manufacturers adopt the clear coat on the single-stage because the SS paints contain high VOC. The government regulation also declares to lessen the use of VOC as it is environmentally safer.

. So always be sure that your paint has low VOC, not something illegal. Many manufacturers are trying to update the paint by the less use of VOC in SS paint.

3. Compatibility For Top-Coating

If you want to build up your paint’s efficiency and luster with a top coat, make sure your SS paint is an outfit for it.

4. Amount Of Polyurethane

The high amount of polyurethane in Single-Stage urethane paint gives you a lot of benefits. First of all, the best benefit is that it has very excellent adhesion. Moreover, it contains resistance to UV rays, so it has outdoor durability. In addition, it’s rust-resistant and does not need any top coating. This paint also has the advantage that you can paint it on pre-enamel-painted cars.

5. Spray-Gun

Keep the mind that the paint you are buying must be compatible with the spray gun. Use the high-quality spray gun for more perfect results.

6. Personal Protection

Your personal protection is your most preference as paint contains VOC, so you may issue that we recommend using industry-grade PPE while spraying.

7. Chemicals in The Paint

You need to check the chemical quality while buying paint. Such as, checking the consistency, pigmentation, etc.

Buying guide

Let’s take a look at how to Spray Single-Stage Urethane Paint? Many people don’t have enough knowledge to use the paint. So let’s read to know.

1. Prepare The Surface

The first step is to thoroughly clean your surface with water and soap. If you have an old car and have pits and dumps, then use body filler and then sanding to level the surface.

2. Protect The Areas You Don’t Want to be Paint.

The second step is to cover the areas with the newspaper and tape where you don’t want to apply paint.

3. Mix The Paint

You can directly apply the paint, but most experts recommend an activator or hardener, or reducer. So if you’re using anyone, mix it with the paint.

4. Prep The Gun

Prepare your gun in a proper way and Maintain A Proper Spray PatternAnd Distance to paint. You must need a 6-inch distance while you apply paint on the surface.

5. Take Safety Precautions

Personal care is very important in painting. Use latex gloves, a respiratory mask, protective eyewear. Always work in proper ventilation. You may feel toxicity even during the drying process.

6. Start Spraying

Now start spraying on your base layer. After dying, apply the base layer and apply the second layer. Wait for the proper time duration between these coats. Wait for 1 to 2 to dry, depending upon the nature of the surface to dry thoroughly.

What’s the difference between Single-Stage paint and two-Stage paint?

Single Stage Paint Vs. Two-Stage Paint

Many people don’t have enough information regarding single-stage and two-stage paint. So let’s read and find the difference between these paints and choose what you need.  

Single-Stage Auto Paint

 Single-Stage paint clearly shows you that it has a combo of base coat and clear coat. You don’t need to apply a top coat after the paint. This paint holds no activator. This application helps the customer very well in easily doing the paint. You don’t rely on professionals to paint. Now you can also do it very efficiently at home. It offers you very quick drying. Some paints take too much time, but here you see rapid fast drying. It shows more durability than two-stage paint. If you want a more efficient spray application, you may require thinning.

Firstly you still need a primer on the surface. You don’t directly apply the paint. Only a few layers on the car’s body will give you lasting and efficient results.

Two-Stage Paint

On the other hand, if we take the two-stage car paint. In this paint, we have a separate base coat, and then we apply a separate topcoat. The topcoat helps in a highly glossy finish look. It needs more time to dry. You have to wait for a long time to dry between their coats. The paint is non-porous in nature and helps your surface increase its shelf life. It also helps in protecting you from different environmental hazards. Two-stage paints are the best weather resistant as compared to single-stage paint.

When you apply the two-stage paint, you need more layers. First, you will prime the surface then you need about four to five base coats. After applying this, you still need three to four top coating layers. It seems very difficult and lengthy, but this process helps in a protective and durable finish. The additional layers of the pain help in preventing scratches and chip-free finish. Moreover, this paint also needs an activator for proper adhesion.


How many coats of single-stage paint do I need?

After applying two to three coats, you can see an even result on your surface. However, you have to wait for 10-15 minutes during the coats. In some cases, you may need some additional coats for perfect coverage.

How long do you wait between coats of single-stage paint?

Single-stage paints are very fast drying; therefore, you have to wait for only 10-15v minutes for dust-free, and if you want tack-free, you have to wait for one hour.

Is single-stage paint any good?

The single-stage is always a good choice, but you have to compromise with the shine. It gives you moderate shine, not too glossy. Single-Stage paint can also be damaged by the weather or sunlight very quickly. It doesn’t have a nice resistance. It can be a victim of the outdoor environment hazards in a very short time.

What Other Supplies Will I Need?

You may think you need only paint, but there are many other things you need before painting. These items include paint cups, paint strainers, coveralls, a lined trashbin, paint stick, plastic sheeting. For your personal protection, you need gloves and a mask.

Is Painting Over a Car’s Existing Paintwork Possible?

Yes, it’s possible but will not give you too many satisfactory results. You can apply paint, but your paint would peel away from the surface in no time. If you want proper results, then it is necessary to peel all the original paint from the surface and start doing paint on bare metal. Start from primer, then base coat, and at last apply a top coating layer. You can check perfect results now.

How Does Urethane Differ from Acrylic Paint?

Urethane paint is always a good choice in comparison to acrylic paint. As urethane paint is highly durable, its durability makes it very effective. Moreover, it is not common due to its high toxicity levels. People stop using it because of the high VOC in it. But it is still part of the automotive industry. This paint is mostly used to treat older vehicles.


SS paint has many types, and each can use on different surfaces. Each painting has its own features. This paint has a rich history and still has a wide range. It can still be used on many things like antiques, but it’s bigger to use in the automotive industry. When you wanna find a suitable SS paint, you only need to read this article. Here’s the complete guide that helps you in buying the best stage paint for you. Each paint kit contains a description and features in-depth. We have also gathered the cons of all paints to get the weaknesses of the paints and their strengths. The time is over when you go through several websites and market research. All scattered information is gathered here to give you complete guidance. So don’t waste your time in visiting and ordering the best Single- Stage paint right now.

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