How To Remove Paint From Floor Tiles? Easy DIY Methods

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During painting and house decoration, tiles become dirty with paint spots. In this situation, you need to remove paint from tiles. So, it’s important to know how to remove paint from floor tiles. But removing paint is difficult if the spot is old. You can apply different ways to recover the original color of tiles as before. You can also clean the tiles after a paint job in these ways.

How To Remove Paint From Floor Tiles?

You have already known that paint can be removed from tiles. Let’s see the ways practically how to remove paints from floor tiles.

Wash off Soaked Paint with Water

To wash or remove something, what we think first is water. I am sure that it is the best thing in this regard. Now, let’s see how we can remove paint from tiles.

  • You should use a piece of wet cloth and rub the paint before it dries. You can lessen the amount of paint on the floor.
  • Most of the paint has gone. You can apply little hot water to wash out the remaining paint. This method will work best on water-based paint. For removing oil paint, use nail remover. Nail remover is a good thing that works without any damage to the tiles. Adopt some fabric and soak the fabric into the nail remover. Now apply the soaked fabric to the paint. Wait for a moment then rub the paint stain with a cloth.
  • Do again and again until all the paints are removed.
  • You can also use scrub sponge. Do not use metal sponge.

The Scrape Away Method

The most popular and efficient way for removing dried paint is Scraping. You should be patient.

You will need a putty blade or putty knife for removing paint spots. Do not use a sharp blade, sharp knife, or metals for tile’s safety.

  • Make a 45-degree angle of your scrapping knife and scrape over the paint carefully. Do not give too much pressure. This way will remove paint spot and dried paint from your tiles.
  • Softened soap, hot water, or chemical will vanish the leftover junk paint. It mostly depends on the types of paint you have used.
  • Use a piece of cloth to mob the tiles to give way while removing the leftover paint.

If you find this method unsuccessful, follow the following method. Wear a safety face mask while removing paint as it may be dangerous for your nostrils and health.

Using a Scourer

A scourer is a little mesh and spongy object. You can use a scourer which is made of plastic and a metal net. It is also familiar as a scouring pad. This net is well used. It is an old technique. This is very helpful for removing paint stains without any damage to the tiles.

  • Create a well blend with soap and water.
  • Absorb the scourer in the water-soap mixture and use the scourer on the paint spot. Wear gloves on hand. Ensure precaution to Stay away from scratching or harm of the tile brightness.
  • Apply pure water to wash out remaining paint from the tiles.
  • Do again until the spot vanishes.

Natural Solution

It is the most appropriate solution for a new spot of paint. To remove the freshly painted marks, the natural solution is the best. If the previous method cannot remove paint successfully, I will suggest you apply this method. You can easily make this natural solution with baking soda, white vinegar, and water.

  • Take same volume of these elements in a container. Mix them and boil them.
  • Then use this natural solution to the stain with a piece of fabric and rub carefully over the spot. Rub the paint spot repeatedly. This natural solution will clean out the tiles gradually.
  • You can also use a soft hairy brush to rub the tiles paint. If there is a bad smell of heated vinegar, use soft hot water to wash out the tiles.
  • Follow the method repeatedly until you get a good result.

Using Heat

Hot air can easily remove both the paint and the paint spots from tiles. It can be applied both for water-based paint and oil-based paint. I will suggest you take a hairdryer for hot air. You can use a hairdryer also.

  • Use heat over the paint spot movingly with a heat gun or hairdryer. Do it for some time until the paint loosens up.
  • Now, take a plastic spoon and rub the paint spot gently.
  • Clean the tiles with a fabric. Clean the tiles for some times.

Using Commercial Paint Remover

You can remove paint from tiles with a commercial paint stripper. You can find many commercial paint removers in the market. Choose a well brand as it will ensure the glaze of your tiles.

During using commercial, ensure ventilation of the room properly. Be sure that you have worn a secured face mask. First, wash the floor tiles with cleaner or white vinegar mixed water. Then clean the painted tiles with moist fabric. You need to wear gloves before doing it. 

  • Before using commercial remover, read the instructions and cautions carefully.
  • Use soft hairy brush and clean the print from tiles gently.
  • Then use soap to clean the tiles floor.
  • Swab the wet tiles and let them dry.

Sometimes we also need to remove paint from concrete. And we use muriatic acid to remove paint from concrete.

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