Will Muriatic Acid Remove Paint From Concrete?

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Let’s suppose you are making your home and you have a large amount of concrete as it is affordable and most uses equipment in house making if your fresh paint falls on your concrete. It is very easy to remove the fresh paint from concrete; you must cover the surface with water and use the detergent or hand scrub brush. After that, you can see the efficient results. But now another case when the paint becomes dry on the surface, what do we have to do now?

Now the paint can’t be removed by just detergent. Also, we can say it is impossible as the paint had gone through several layers of concrete. We have to use muriatic acid for this process. Can Muriatic acid remove your paint from the concrete? Yes, it’s the best method, but it’s time-consuming, and you have to follow all steps. Firstly and the most important is to know how to use muriatic acid for removing paint. If you don’t know the proper usage of muriatic acid, you must follow all the instructions. It’ll prove very helpful in the removal of your paint. But if you don’t follow all the instructions, then it’ll cause serious results. That is not only harmful to your surface but also to you.

● Always dilute Muriatic acid in water. It depends upon how and where you’re using it, but generally, there is the 10th part of water and one part of only muriatic acid. 

● Slowly and gently pour the acid into water and make the solution. 

● Remember the sequence; the sequence is to put acid into water. Never make the mistake of pouring water into acid. If you do this, then a serious reaction will happen like an exothermic reaction. And the acid will fall from the bucket to you. 

● Pour the muriatic acid always in the full container of water. Fill the container according to the amount of acid you want to use. Never pour the acid into an empty bucket. 

● Another instruction never to forget is never to make a mixture of muriatic acid with another acid. 

● Use only glass or plastic buckets that are acid-resistant for the mixture of muriatic acid. 

● Store the muriatic acid in the container in which it brings. 

When you want to remove paint from concrete by muriatic acid, it’s a challenging and time-consuming task for you. Here I’ll share how you have to do it. If you follow all these steps, then you’ll not face any difficulty. 

As you know, concrete is very porous, that’s why it absorbs paint very speedily. It can absorb paint up to its many layers. When paint absorbs into deep layers, it’s a challenging task to remove paint from concrete. What do we have to do to remove paint from a very deep surface? We have to use a pure method that’ll not damage your concrete. Let’s discuss the method. 

Supplies Needed

● Muriatic acid

● Bucket

● Water

● Broom

Only these four supplies help you in removing the paint from your concrete. 

Method To Remove Paint From Concrete

Of course, it’s a difficult and complex task when you’re removing paint from concrete. Concrete is a rough structure where paint can easily be adhered to. Here we’ll use Muriatic acid, which is best for removing paints from concrete, but we have to use it with proper precautions; otherwise, it’ll cause serious results. It can damage your skin and clothes, so keep in mind wearing protective clothes, using gloves, and working in a well-ventilated area. 

Step 1 : Making of mixture

The first step in removing the paint from the concrete is using one part of the muriatic acid and eight parts of water and then mixing it in a bucket and making a solution. You can use undiluted acid; it’ll help you in avoiding splashing. 

Step 2 : Pouring of mixture 

Now pour your mixture on the affected area(where there is paint)to remove stains. Remember to pour the mixture thoroughly in a gentle way.

Step 3 : Broom to clean 

Pick up the broom and scrub the painted area to remove your paints or any stains from concrete. 

Step 4 : Use clean water

Now, wash the surface with water in-depth to remove any acid from the surface. Clean water helps you to remove any particle of acid from the damaged area. 

Step 5 : Strains and paint are removed.

Your affected area is now painted and stains-free. You’ll see the stain-free area from your concrete. 

Step 6 : Repeat the process

 If you’ll feel any pain or strain has remained on the surface, repeat the process as we discussed above. 


You’ll face difficulty if there are several paint coats as it is hard to remove the multiple coats by acid. So, you can use the floor scrubber; it’ll help to sand your surface and remove your paint efficiently. Then you can use muriatic acid for proper cleansing. 


While working with muriatic acid, you must wear heavy, acid-resistant gloves, and you should use a respirator also with it. It’ll help you to protect yourself from fumes.

We call Muriatic acid another hydrochloric acid (HCl). If it is not used properly, it’ll cause serious skin injuries to your eyes or skin. That’s why it is always instructed to wear eye protection things like goggles safety glasses. Don’t use normal eyeglasses as they cannot protect you from splashes. Also cover full clothes and rubber gloves. For muriatic acid, nitrile gloves are considered as best. The open shoes are not ok for this purpose. Wear full boots that cover your feet entirely.

If the acid falls onto your skin, clothes, or shoes during the process, wash thoroughly with large quantities of water. If after washing still you face any redness, then urgently go to your doctor and check to the

All these instructions will help you to remove paint by muriatic acid from concrete. But remember to follow all the instructions thoroughly. It is necessary for efficient results.