How To Prevent Acrylic Paint From Cracking On Shoes?

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Before painting your canvas shoes you should know how to prevent acrylic paint from cracking on shoes. Because you can give your favorite canvas shoes a new look by applying acrylic paint. You can also make a fairy design or something special. Although acrylic paint is the perfect paint to apply to shoes, it has some difficulties. Acrylic paint has a trend to crack in the future. It can make your shoes damaged. If you take some precautions you can protect your painted shoes from cracking.

Steps To Prevent Acrylic Paint From Cracking On Shoes

Let’s see how we can protect our painted canvas shoes from cracking.

Prepare Shoes for Painting

First of all, make your shoes suitable for painting. Before starting your paint work, ensure that your desired canvas shoes are clean enough. You cannot apply acrylic paint on unclean shoes. If you are painting new shoes, then it is clean enough. But if you are painting your old used shoes, clean them and dry them properly.

Choose Quality Paint

For the best quality work, you should choose a better quality acrylic paint. Low-priced acrylic cannot give you good results. To fix cracking, use a well-brand acrylic. If you want to use more color, try to use the same brand of paint. Different brands may not work properly.

Use More Coats of Paint in Thin Layers

It is our wrong conception that a thick acrylic layer will last longer. Rather it is a cause to crack on shoes down paint too early. I will suggest applying more than one thin layer of paint and allow them to dry each layer perfectly before making another layer. Do not make your paint layer heavy. A thick layer of paint may crack soon. So, you should make your paint layer thinner.

Pay Attention to the Part Where the Shoes May Fold

The first fold or crack is made on the part of the shoe where the toe is. So you have to make it partially flexible first. Usually, cracks appear first in this part of your art shoes.

So you need to paint this part of the shoe very well and not lining the flexible part too much, which will greatly reduce the cracking of your favorite shoe.

Do Not Use Heat To Dry Shoe Paint

People make a common mistake when using acrylic on canvas shoes. You will want to wear your favorite or painted shoes for a special occasion. And you do not have an hour to wait. Then of course you can use a hairdryer so that your painted shoes dry quickly. But you should know how long does acrylic paint takes to dry. Because this process will increase the chances of cracks in your shoes. This is not a total task to do very quickly. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Seal the Paint on Your Shoes

When you feel that you are satisfied with the painting of your shoes, you need to seal the acrylic paint of your shoes for protection. This will make the beauty of your shoe paint more lasting. You will find sealants from various companies in the market. You must use good quality sealant. On the paint, you apply smoothly and evenly. Then dry like good. Finally, apply a waterproof spray to prevent cracking. Now your beautiful stylish shoes are ready to wear.

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