How To Paint Canvas Shoes? Step By Step Instructions

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Painted canvas shoe has become a craze for the young nowadays. Wearing painted canvas shoes is now a good trend. We should know how to paint canvas shoes? Because they are both stylish and elegant. We can easily modify canvas shoes by painting according to our taste.

We need to use white canvas shoes. It is the most secure, affordable, and popular material which we can redesign. Both grown-up and children can wear canvas-painted shoes. The whole family can also paint similar design shoes. The biggest advantage of canvas paint shoes is that they can be painted in your personal style.

I am fond of wearing sneakers and have bought some pairs for everyday use. I have seen different colored canvas shoes on the internet. From there I got inspired to make canvas painted shoes.

It is simple enough to paint canvas shoes. Some years ago, I bought a pair of canvas shoes and tried to paint on canvas shoes. Now, I have more than ten pairs of canvas shoes that I have painted.

I decided to make a colorful, wearable design on my canvas shoes that suit jeans and denim. I have painted animal print, cartoon print, black and white print on canvas shoes. My daughter likes cartoon paint shoes most.

Gather Materials

You need to collect canvas shoes for painting. White shoes would be the most telling for painting. If the sole of the canvas shoe is made of rubber, it is better not to paint the rubber part. Because it saves both time and color. In the case of color, you must choose acrylic paint. Because acrylic paint looks very good on canvas shoes it dries very fast. But if you want to rubber soles you should know how to paint rubber soles on canvas or sneaker?

To Make Painted Canvas Shoes You Will Need

  • A Pair of white canvas shoes
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Permanent marker
  • Pencil
  • scissors
  • Color palette
  • Masking tape
  • Paint Brush
  • Water

Steps To Paint Canvas Shoes

Select Suitable Shoes For Painted

What is more important before painting is to choose the right shoes that are suitable for your paint. One of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing shoes is whether the materials used to make the shoes are color-friendly or not. A comparison of shoe materials shows that canvas shoes are the most suitable for coloring. Canvas shoes can be easily painted and are also durable. So my advice would be you choose canvas shoes for your project.

Create Your Shapes With Pencil

Think about your favorite design or pattern. If you are making designs for a client or other people, know their favorite designs. One’s preferences or needs are different. At first, figure out your choice of design and color. You must consider your or your kid’s choice.

Any shape, rainbows, flowers, letters, cartoon, drawings, or any funny pattern image can be painted on canvas shoes. I chose a black and white-colored letter-based design. Then I sketched the design on white canvas shoes with a pencil. I always use a light pencil because it is extremely easy to erase. Although it is easy to erase, I will suggest you not use a pencil too heavily.

Create An Outline Of Your Design

Once your initial sketch is complete, draw an outline around the design with a thin brush. Do the whole thing very carefully and cautiously. Use multiple quotes to ensure maximum value.

Caution For Soles

Canvas Shoe soles are made from rubber, plastic, or other combined materials. These soles don’t catch paint properly. So, we do not paint the shoe soles. We can use masking tape to the soles area and keep away soles from paints.

After finishing painting the shoes, you can remove the masking tape from the soles.

Start Painting

I used to color one shoe at a time. But when I make any composition of two shoes I have to paint both shoes at a time. Paint both shoes at a time if you wish a balanced color.

I started to blend my paint but they looked dreadful. I failed to just like the process of mixing because I used to be getting worried then about my paint.

I am not a painter or I don’t have an art degree. I did some analysis using the internet and got some knowledge regarding these. I have just tried their instructions. But now I am quite confident in painting canvas shoes.

First, I downloaded a pleasant design image from the internet. Then I changed its color and made a color printout. I used the image as a reference.

Paint The Outline

After finishing my basic sketch, I made outline the shape with a skinny brush. I watched carefully and patiently to check the paint quality on the shoes. I had to use multiple coats to make sure the best quality.

Fill Inside The Outline Of Your Design

To fill in the outline, I had used a large brush and filled in the outline of my design.

I also used a light shadow on my designed canvas shoes. This outline will highlight the pattern or design.

 Add More Things To Your Design

You can also add more shapes or patterns to your design. You must need pencils for the first time. But after making several designs you may not need pencils. You will be able to cover the whole shoe or some portion of your shoe with your pattern or design. I had designed the whole shoe without soles.

When the painting work finishes, remove the masking tape from shoe soles carefully.

Paint The Back Side

Paint the back of the canvas shoes with a solid color shade and match your design. Cover the shoe sewing line with paint. It is better not to paint the sole of the shoe because the color of the sole is not long-lasting. So cover the sole with masking tape while painting. Once painted, carefully remove it from the sole.

Seal Your Design

If I could wear painted canvas shoes every day in any season! Sorry, I couldn’t do it. If I do it, my art will fade and damage. You cannot wear the shoes in all told weather. But you can protect your shoes by applying the waterproofing spray. You can use acrylic sealer spray.

During spraying, do not pull the spray can. If you do, the paint may be spoiled. Be careful while you are spraying. Shake the spray repeatedly before using it to get the best result.

Let Them Dry, Then Wear

When your design is complete, set the shoes to a dry and cold place. When the shoes dry (I will suggest a minimum of 24 hours), they are ready to wear. You can also replace your old shoelaces with a new colored one. You can also color your old shoelaces to look more attractive and colorful. I am sure you will love to wear them and feel good.

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