How to Paint on feathers? | The Secret Guide 2024

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We have a different idea that is full of fun! Painting on feathers is considered the coolest art. But, before starting you have to know how to paint on feathers.

There’re so many painting ideas to show your creativity! Painting is a staple art activity for most people. You can paint wherever you want! There’re no limitations in the painting. Select those that create a unique look and are charming. Have you become bored with normal art activities and want something distinctive? You need not worry; you will be surprised to know that millions of ideas have been introduced to expose your capabilities.

Paint on the feather with acrylic

We use natural stuff like feathers and shells and that sort of thing to make entertaining arts and crafts projects. Here we use feathers, and we paint them, which is superb and fantastic. Moreover, it’s easy. Let’s start.

Supplies needed:

  • White feathers
  • Piece of paper
  • Acrylic paints
  • Glitter glue

We put feathers on the blue paper as it helps you to see your feather easily. If you use white paper on the white feather, you can’t see the feather and face difficulty painting. Now it’s time to paint on the feather. Keep it in mind to use the full feather and don’t go against the feather’s direction. Always put the paint in the feather’s direction. It will produce a neat and more graceful look.

Now it’s time to paint and make attractive designs on feathers. The question arises, what type of paints to use on feathers? So it would be best if you had acrylic paint on feathers as it lasts long. Use your favorite color on the feather. Use the colors combo that looks attractive on the feather. Don’t use too much quantity of paint. Only take a small amount and paint gently with your brushes. Use different brushes for different colors. You’re using your feather as the canvas. Again repeating, try to go with the feather’s grain.

Draw the 5 V shape lines on the feather. Paint each five V colors with different five colors. Use the markers to draw dots on the feathers. Draw from big to tiny dots. Now it’s time to use glitter glue. Use golden glue on the borders. Your painting will be looking shimmering and sparkling after utilizing the glitter glue. Let’s dry your feathers for some time.

This hack is full of fun. You can use your creativity, try to make a new design with new colors and glitters on feathers. You can use these painted feathers to decorate your room or on your heads and hair bands. Some people use this feather as a bookmark.

Now move towards another design of the feather. Drawing birds on feathers is one of the unique feather painting techniques.

How to Paint on feathers

Designing of sparrow on feather

Supplies needed:

  • White Feather
  • Colors (Black, brown, white)
  • Black marker colors
  • Paintbrushes

Just take a fine and large feather. This time you require a giant feather because now you’re designing sparrows on it.

Pick up your brushes and gently paint black color and dry it. When your feather dries properly, now paint a sparrow structure on it. Use the white color as the base color. After applying the base color now, it’s time to put brown shades on the sparrow. Smoothly apply the different shades of brown paint. The brown color will add a more glamorous and original look to your painting. After the brown paint dries, now put black marker color to make its features sharper.

You can draw parrots in the same way or any shape which you like. The color choice is yours. Choose colors that attract you the most. 

Paint on the feather with watercolor

Supplies needed

  • Watercolors
  • Brushes
  • Plexiglas
  • Feather
  • Water container
  • Paper Towel

How do you easily paint feathers? If you don’t have acrylic color and do not have too much creativity but still wanna paint feathers. You can use watercolor to paint and can make attractive designs on the feather. You can also paint a bird with watercolor. It is very easy and for beginners. You will enjoy this technique and will be able to create new patterns on feathers without any hassle.

 At first, we’re going to take any brush and brush out the feather, and now we’re going to start painting. Try to use bold and saturated colors; it will help you to give a more vibrant look. Use watercolor paints to paint on the feather. Make different combinations of color. Like, try to mix blue and pink to make purple. That’s cool.

So once you’re done painting the entire feather, you’ve got to flip it over very carefully, so you pick it up and underneath now. We have to use acrylic pieces here, which are using Plexiglas. If you’re working on a plastic bag, you’re going to have some of the water stay in place, so you’re going to flip it and try and put it back down in color; otherwise, you’ll get a rough structure of colors.

Then you have to set that off on a paper towel to dry after drying separate all standards. Start with the back first. You can find that it just seems to work better, and the little bits at the bottom here are a little tricky to work with, you know, down kind of huge fluffy bits at the bottom.

Smoothly brush on one side, and after doing one side, flip the other side. You see how fluffy it gets, very, and very fluffy. Now your lower part also becomes smooth like the above part. You can see beautiful color combinations with the most alluring look.

The decoration with feathers looks very beautiful, and it has a broad scope in decorating. You can make different designs. You can put it on your pen, decorate fans, or wherever you want.

All the feather painting techniques will help you to make awe-inspiring designs. Make a different color combo and then check. Try to make more different designs and patterns of your choice. Painting is limitless. Make the designs that you want!

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