How to make Neon Colors with Acrylic Paint?

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If we have acrylic paint and want to make the neon paint, we can make it. You have to follow proper procedures. Here I am showing step by step to make neon acrylic paintings.

Supplies Needed

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brushes
  • Canvas

Firstly your paint is like the diagram. Then we use acrylic paint the way to look like neon paint. 

Step 1: Select the color which you want to use in your painting. Here I’ll use black, blue and orange. By using these colors, you can see the neon effect in the painting.

Step 2: Cover your painting’s dark area with black and use blue and orange where you want to produce a neon effect. It would be best if you use the flat brush in this step.

Step 3: The acrylic paint dries faster. So, use the only paint you want for your painting. Otherwise, it will dry faster.

Step 4: Now highlight your painting with pink, blue, and orange shades.

Step 5: Paint the face of your painting with a blue and pink color. For adding the natural effect, use brown and grey colors.

Step 6: Pick up purple and orange colors and start painting around the eyes. Start from above and then move down.

Step 7: For the lash line and iris, pick up the black color. For painting in the lash line and iris, the region uses the fine thin round brush.

Step 8: Now it’s time to paint on the nose and lips. Use the black color in the nostrils and then paint the nose’s wings; also, By using black color, separate the two lines of lips.

Step 9: Mix the black color with a small amount of water to give some natural effect. Also, apply these water effects on the hair, hands, and eyebrows.

Step 10: Use light color paints on the center of the forehead. But use the dark color between head and hair. We use the nose, lower lips, forehead, cheeks, and chin for highlighting. 

Step 11: Pick up the full bright orange to highlight the remaining half portion of the face.

Step 12: Near the hand of the face, use dark colors. It is best to use dark purple and dark pink.

Step 13: Using the same colors ( dark pink and purple), paint the sides of the nose.

Step 14: Half use pink and half orange to paint on the lips. Use the pink and white color for highlighting on the tip of the nose.

Step 15: Use the dark area under your nose like you can use dark brown. White on the upper lips and blue for under lips.

Step 16: As we discussed above, black color for the hair outline, and now use the grey color for painting the hair. Also, apply some black shade inside the hair.

Step 17: Blend out where you’ll face. There are harsh edges. Prefer a brush but if you can do it by hand, do it by hand.

Step 18: Use the paint that adds glare to the eyes, nose, and cheeks. Also, highlight around the eyes.

Step 19: For the paint of hands, use orange, yellow, pink colors. Use the blue color on the top of the hands. It’ll produce a neon effect. Pick up black and Outline the hand. Use pinkish color for the nails.

Step 20: Now, it’s time to give an attractive outline using orange-black paint. For mixing the outline, use the water.

Step 21: You have to give an outline to a neon light. Highlight the silhouette and sleeves by using a dry brush.

Step 22: Focus on the neon sign appearing in the upper corner and create an attractive illusion using orange paint. You can also reflect it on the subject’s hair.

Step 23: When you “ll feel that your paint has dried completely, add more highlight and shadow to the lips and on the face.

Step 24: Use the union of dark and light colors and make additional dimensions to the hands for appearing highlights.

Step 25: Use the white color paint on the outline to make your point more clear. First, dry the outline, then move towards the next step.

Step 26: Yellow paint appears less when only one layer is applied. So, add one more layer to make your painting brighter.

Step 27: Use orange color and apply water to your hands for highlighting.

Step 28: You can use the neon blue color by the same procedure as producing neon effects with acrylic paint. So we use something like a blue glow on the face and hand of our painting.

Step 29: Pick up the white paint for earrings. And using the same white color on the hair. But also use blue lines with white on the hands and also on the sleeves. 

Step 30: For creating an illusion, use orange and pink that will reflect on the subject’s hair. Use the same steps that you used for blue and orange ones for painting the pink neon character.

After all the steps, you’ll see that your painting will look like a neon painting using acrylic paint.

Now we move towards how to make neon green paint.

This method is very simple. Let’s move towards the procedure.

Supplies Needed

  • Blue paint
  • Bright yellow paint
  • brushes

You can easily buy a neon green color from the market. But if you want to make it home, then it’s not tough. You can do it. It’s very uncomplicated to make neon green paint just by mixing blue and yellow paint.

Step 1: Use a brush to press blue paint on your palette. Remember to note down the quantity of the color you put. Also, note down any additions to the color. It will help you in the replication of the color.

Step 2: Mix the yellow color with blue smoothly and make a mixture by using the same brush.

Step 3: If you are not getting a neon color, add yellow color to it. Don’t mix too much yellow, but if you add too much yellow, you can pit blue paint to compensate.


Keep in mind that when you‘re using blue for mixing, use the center blue color. Not too much dark and not too much light.

Only these steps help you in making neon green paint.

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