How to Make Acrylic Paint Matte? All the Best Ways

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Matte is a type of shade that basically means without shine but, have you notice that it is the favorite of many artists. So that you should know how to make acrylic paint matte.

What is it about the matte painting’s finish that makes it so lovable? Maybe it’s the beautiful pastry-looking colors and its subtleness that makes it really appealing not only to artists but to everyone in general.

Most matte paintings are commonly made using traditional painting techniques such as pencils and acrylic paints but are also very popular in the digital world, especially in the filmmaking industry creating an environment that is made of special effects or illusions that would be impossible otherwise.

As we have seen, matte paintings are used everywhere so whether you draw traditionally or digitally, you should definitely give this type of shade a try if you haven’t yet. You may find it really interesting and decide to become a professional matte painter.

Matte Acrylic Paintings

Matte mediums are known best for being translucent and opaque which creates a dull type of color when used. It’s very liquidy or creamy. Used as a thinning applicator and also great for extending the volumes of paints without affecting its stability. When added to acrylic paints it provides a non-reflective finish which is the intended shade artists look for plus it’s considered as beautiful, interesting, and unique as any other painting and medium also. Matte paintings are commonly known as flat paints for their high contrast images.

Tips to Making Acrylic Paints Matte

  • Mixing matte paints can be tricky if you don’t know the procedure. To make acrylic paints matte to get the non-sheen effect or cloudiness it is recommended to use %25 percent of acrylic paints or mediums and 75% of matte mediums, depending on the type of desired finish and color to trying to achieve.
  • You can also add it directly to the finished artwork, this will remove the sheen from your painting or to a certain portion of your paint to give it a more chalkier look. Many people prefer to have a matte finish to avoid the glaring of painting when hit with sunlight or lighting in general which can be distracting from the artwork itself, for example when hanging an artwork or decorating with it, most artists or buyers will have an entire painting sometimes coated matte to avoid such glare.
  • If you’re using a basic paper, it is recommended to prepare its surface for the paint, using a brush or sponge, cover the surface with an even layer of matte medium. You can also consider using it on canvas to create a clear ground base instead of gesso, so it can be used with the different types of matte paintings which are also great to give your painting that matte look.
  • Matte mediums are also available as Matte gels, which are available in different sizes, also great for different uses. It’s designated to add body and matte finish to your paintings, reduces shines, and is great for collaging because of its adhesive effect and durability. Great for reducing drying time and adding an overall enhancement to your paintings. So you can also check: How to dry paint fast?
  • The brand of a matte medium doesn’t really matter since it is fabricated with the same chemical formula but most artists choose popular brands like Liquitex and Golden as their favorites. When mixing it is recommended to mix enough for bigger projects, some artists would normally mix mediums by adding bits of paints into it, other artists prepare larger amounts depending on the size of your painting, this is because trying to mix the same shade and amount again may be difficult unless you have a go-to mixing base of course.
  • Something artists enjoy from matte mediums is its different textures, it is great for increasing fluidity, the more matte added, the more the painting will become thinner and its transparency will increase. Matte mediums are also great for experimenting, so it is great to use if you’re a beginner or a student, add different portions of acrylic paint into it, modifying its texture, and see which suits you best based on your style. Matte mediums comes in different options so make sure you chose the right one when shopping around.
  • Matte mediums are considered to be very versatile and nontoxic. It’s recommended to read the instructions and shake well before use. Many artists consider it a must to have in your repertory either for a matte nonreflecting finish look or when going for a more semi-gloss look. Matte mediums prices can range anywhere from $8 to up to $30 depending on the size of the bottle. Some are made for bigger or smaller groups and also to use individually, they are very economical, and have become very popular, something to definitely consider.

Matte Mediums

The thing about making your acrylic paint matte is all you need to do is incorporate it into your selected colors so that you may get the desired finish, the great purpose of it, is that it works really well with any color. It’s all about the right combinations. Not all matte mediums can be used for a final varnish but are great for creating thin glazes and washes variation. Ticker matte mediums tend to dry slowly.

On a technical note, matte paintings are great for photo blending and 3D effects not only for the filming industry but also and recently for creating commercials. Many artists have switched over from traditional painting to digital artwork painting since the increase of its popularity and benefits. Matte is also used in the cosmetic area and is very popular amongst makeup artists.

Matte Paintings have been available since the 1800s and were based on adding background elements to a movie. Later on, in 1930 they became really popular creating backdrops for movies and, nowadays, are part of some of the most amazing movies made.

In a conclusion, matte paintings are a unique type of medium with a unique purpose and a must-have to many artists. If you’re experimenting or a beginner, it may require some patient and time until you are able to find what works for you and create your own style. We hope these tips help you create lovely matte paintings.

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