How To Make Hot Pink Paint? Apply These Secret Techniques

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Hot pink is known to be a super intense color. It’s generally called bright pink and is normally associated with a feminine color. Many people want to decorate their wall paints with hot pink as it usually gives a pleasant impact as it shows the sign of love, compassion, and femininity. So, it is important to know how to make hot pink paint.

Generally, this paint color on the wall represents childish or girlish, but it has turned into one of the soothing colors when combined with the grey hues as time passed. It gives a perfect choice to make everything eye-catching and energizing, as stated by many color experts. Not just the walls, the hot pink shade has successfully made its way into the furniture industry and other interior items like rugs, décor items. You can afford to combine bright colors with neutral tones to give a relaxing and cheerful effect.

In contrast with neutral colors, pink shades on wall paints or interiors create a pleasant and amusing look. Today, the most trending versatile pink color schemes for all interior designs and home furnishings are:

  • Pale Pink
  • Pastel Pink
  • Hot or Bright Pink
  • Magenta
  • Deep Pink

Well, all these beautiful hues of pink are excellent for warm and cool interior designing. But in this article, we will talk about the most vibrant of all hot pink colors, one of the modern pink color shades. Many top designers suggested hot pink as one of their favorite shades. According to Meyer Interiors, the hot pink color in pants has always been the most wanted by many interior designers.

How to Make Hot Pink Paint?

Hot pink or bright pink lightens up any room, but how to make it? As you all know, pink is not itself a primary color. The pink color is a lighter hue of red shade. It is created by mixing different hues of red with white. But many different hues of pink are created by combining it with purples and blues. The most striking one is the hot pink color. Usually, it is made from a combo at a certain ratio of primary and secondary colors, which are red, blue, and white shades.

Many known paint companies like Benjamin Moore and Home Depot offer premade wall paints in a variety of hot pink shades, and you can easily buy them. But what if it is not the right shade you want as there are many variations in hot pink color. So it is best to buy red paint and start doing some homework. You can create a huge range of different variants of hot pink; you just have to use the right amount of primary colors to get your perfect dream shade.

Ways to Make Hot Pink Paint using Primary Colors

Grab some red paints, blue paints, and white paint to make a vibrant hot pink.

Quinacridone Red with Zinc White

This is the most common red shade available in paints. When it is mixed with blue tones of magenta, it gives you a very bright pink shade. Moreover, you should mix a zinc white color and the primary color to get your desired results.

Red with Silver

It is simple to make hot pink by using red and white, but getting the perfect brightness of hot pink is a bit trickier. The brightness of hot pink is perfect in pre-manufactured paints but difficult to attain that brightness in hot pink at home by using paints available in the market. However, you can get a bright, striking pink shade using acrylic wall paints in red and white tones. You can also add the texture and sparkle of the silver paint to make it extra hot pink.

Take a little white acrylic paint and add red color to it. Remember to always add darker colors to light ones that are red to white paint as you need less paint to darken the white, and you can save more paint, and you can stop at a point when you get the desired shade. Now add some silver paint to the white to give a glamor effect; keep this mixture separate.

In a white/silver mixture, add some red paint. Blend it well to get the right shade; continue to add red paint until you achieve the shade you want. The redder, the more dark pink you will get, or you can reverse it by a silver-white mixture.

Red, Purple and Yellow

Take the purple paint and add it to the red paint. Continue adding the purple paint until you get the perfect violet shade. To give a bright hot pink tone, gradually add yellow paint until you achieve the desired shade.

Way to make Neon Pink Paint

Actually, the neon color is an effect of variation in paint luminousness. This effect enables the light to reflect through the paint partially. Similarly, neon pink shade is created when a phosphorescent material that reflects light like silver is added. But it is somehow a difficult task to do by you at home. However, you can make neon colors with acrylic paint.

Many wall paint manufacturers are now offering premade wall paint shades in neon colors. You can now buy these neon colors and work them on your wall to give a sheen and sparkle effect. Normally, neon pink is a very bright tone of pink, and it glows in the sunlight.

Final Words

If you are planning to commit to hot pink paint fully, why not use premade paint. This shade symbolizes a playful, vibrant, and romantic impact. Hot Pink combines with contrasting or neutral tones could totally transform your house interior. Most people prefer to use it on a smaller scale on walls and furnishing if they don’t like so much color of the space.

In the past era, the most trending shade of wall paint was Benjamin Moore Hot Lips. Hot pink paints remained the top choice. People usually use it in their offices to inspire others on accent walls, stenciling, stripes, and zigzags as it feels too overwhelming if they use it on all of the walls.

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