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Bodypaint became famous in the 1960s when Western artists used this method as a way of expression, especially during the hippie movement. Nowadays people tend to use body painting to express or to adorn themselves. Body painting is considered a form of art.

Different types of body paints can be applied to the body temporarily lasting a few hours, there are also body paintings that can last for weeks and they come in different textures and applications. But most body paints are water-based so it’s easy to wash the paint away. It is recommended to use paints that are specifically designed for the face or the body for safety reasons. Based on stringent guidelines, body paints should be non-allergenic, non-toxic, and washed off easily.

List Of Body Paints That Can Be Applied To The Body

Several body paints can be applied to the body and below we list a few:

Water-Activated Body Paints

This is a favorite of many body painting artists. It activates when water is added to it and tends to wash off easily with water and soap. Try not to add too much water as this will make the paint watery and you may not achieve the desired look since the paint will look too thin and will not cover well. These paints are considered to be pigmented which means they will provide great coverage and can last all day.

To apply make sure the area is clean before applying the paint, this is to ensure good coverage. Then apply the paint with a brush to the desired area. Once the first coat is added, add a second coat but from a different angle, this is to ensure wrinkles are covered as well so you don’t have unpainted areas when moving around. For example, bending your knees and elbows so that wrinkles may be covered so you don’t ruin the illusion. Once you finish a sealant needs to be applied. You may seal the paint to help keep sweat and oils from running the paint, so be aware of the rain, a makeup sealer or baby powder can be used. The great thing about water-activated body paints is that if you make a mistake, you can simply clean it off, and it won’t stain, and you can just try again. They don’t dry quickly so there’s time to blend and shade before it dries. However, the paint will run if you sweat a lot or if it’s really hot.

There are 2 types of water-activated body paints: one is glycerin and the other one is wax. They both need water to activate. Glycerin paint is mostly used as an overall painting whilst wax paints are used mostly for creating lines although it can be used as an overall body paint also and tends to dry faster

Alcohol-Activated Body Paint

These types of body paints require alcohol to be activated, 99% isopropyl alcohol to be specific since the paint will not activate with any other type of alcohol. A great feature of alcohol-activated body paints is that they won’t run with water or sweat and can last for days. They are mostly used to create realistic under-the-skin effects like bruises and open wounds and will only come off with alcohol or with the kit remover, since some body paints may bring their own activator and paint remover, they tend to dry faster than other body paints because of the alcohol. Make sure to use it in ventilated areas since alcohol has a strong smell and can irritate the eyes.

To apply alcohol-activated body paint make sure the area to be painted is clean then to activate the paint, add 99% alcohol to each paint as you use them. Add alcohol only to the paints you will be using by adding a couple of drops of alcohol. Paint can be added directly to the skin or a prosthetic depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Some alcohol-activated body paints come with an activator so you won’t need to use alcohol in this case. You can also modify the opacity of the paint, for a more opaque look, or add less activator or alcohol, the more activator you use, the thinner or translucent the paint becomes. To apply the paint to your skin you can use a brush a sponge or any other application tool that works for you. Alcohol-activated body paints work well with other products like latex, gelatin, and many others, the paint can be sealed with translucent powder.              

Cream Body Paints

Cream makeups are water-based and provide great coverage. Cream body paints don’t need anything to be activated. To apply cream body paint, start by applying thin layers of the paint to your body, and once dry, apply a second thin coat or apply thin coats until the desired look is achieved. Once dry apply translucent powder to set so paint won’t smudge. A great feature of cream body paints is that they can easily be removed with soap and water or with a makeup remover

Grease Body Paints

Makeup is oil-based and offers full coverage, they are smooth and very blendable. They can also be used to highlight and contour or to even out the paint. Grease body paints don’t dry so it is recommended to set the paint with a translucent powder so the paint won’t smudge and to cut down on the shine if necessary. Grease paints are mostly used for face paintings by actors and clowns since it’s great for theatrical makeup although some may say it’s a bit uncomfortable. Grease body paints can be removed with water and soap or with a makeup remover.

There are different types of body paints available out there so it all depends on the type of body paint you feel comfortable with, it also depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. Good body painting allows the wearer to move freely. At times you may need water-resistant body paint and at other times you may not so it depends on the occasion. Make sure to follow safety measures on each product. We hope you find these tips helpful.

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