The Top 7 Best Paint for Glass

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Since we have covered many painting-related topics like best painting for wood, metal, basement wall, etc. before. Here brings you another informative piece of the best paint for glass that will open up a whole world of creative designing opportunities for you. Let’s get started with our satisfying tutorial:

Do you know the success of every DIY project is heavily dependent on the quality of the product? That’s true! Having the best paint for glass is highly satisfying to turn your boring-looking surfaces into a fabulous masterpiece. With a little creativity, thoughtfulness, and imagination, every household owner can easily give a professional touch to all kinds of glassware. This in-depth guide will help you meet your glass painting-related needs while making your every craft look more enticing.

Who Needs This Product?

Painting on glass could become a fun and great holiday activity if done properly. This pleasant activity is meant for every adult, professional painter, and even kid who aims to enhance the look of their surfaces in the comfort of their homes.

Glass painting is an innovative activity that can enhance your skills while giving a refreshing look to your home decor at no extra cost. With a little support, knowledge, and guidance, the best paint for glass can add perfection to surfaces like:

  • Glass windows
  • Jars
  • Vases
  • Tube
  • Can
  • Decorative glassware
  • Thick/thin glasses
  • Glass panes
  • Bottles
  • Drinking glasses

To get optimal results, you must purchase high-quality paint for glass to safeguard your glasses and give them the mesmerizing yet different touch that they deserve.

What Readers will get ahead of?

This instructive piece will guide you thoroughly covering useful topics like:

  • List of seven feature-rich best paint for glass
  • Pros and cons of each product with verified customer review and ratings
  • The detailed buying guide on how to make good use of the glass paint
  • Answered most common questions related to glass paint
  • Other useful additional information

Before moving forward, let us take you through our list of some of the best paints for glass to get satisfactory results without exceeding your budget.

The 7 Best Paint for Glass for Budget-Friendly People

Are you looking for perfect paint that can bring a sense of freshness to your ugly-looking glass?

Here is a quick list of seven outstanding paints for glass from reliable manufacturers to bring new charm and vibe to your every glass item including home decor.

1. Arteza Craft Outdoor Acrylic Paint : Best Multipurpose Paint for Craft Work

ARTEZA Craft Acrylic Paint, Set of 20 Colors, 2oz/60 ml Bottles, Water-Based, Matte Finish Paints, Art Supplies for Art & DIY Projects on Glass, Wood, Ceramics, Fabrics, Leather, Paper & Canvas

The first brand on the list is the Arteza which is positively known for exclusive glass paint. This Arteza’s acrylic glass paint is specifically meant for multi-purpose usage. The users can easily accomplish every DIY project comfortably ending up having a beautiful gloss finish to every artwork. Besides top-quality, this product comes with maximum coverage capability, blends smoothly with the items, and offers a distinguished look to your every masterpiece. Equipped with powerful drying time, this application is ideal for plenty of surfaces like wood, canvas, fabric, ceramics, paper, and of course glass.

With 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction, the makers ensure that beginners, as well as professionals, get the best possible results from this feature-rich glass paint.

Key Features:

  • Fine quality acrylic paint
  • Comes in multicolor
  • Smooth finish
  • Optimal surface coverage
  • Fast-drying formula

Benefits and Drawbacks Mentioned by Verified Users


  • Offers impeccable matt-finish
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Looks like average paint
  • Overpriced

Verified Buyers Review:

I guess I should give credit to myself for purchasing this product. My son and I were both pleased and satisfied with this amazing product. The colors were simply outstanding, the quality was superb and even the packaging was great. I have bought other glass paints before that cost me a little higher. But, this paint has great value for money with a reasonable price range.”

2. FolkArt PROMO830 Multi Satin Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set : Best Multi-Surface Paint

FolkArt PROMO830 Multi Satin Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set Designed for Beginners and Artists, Non-Toxic Formula That Works on All Surfaces, 2 oz, 2 Fl Oz (Pack of 12), 12 Assorted Colors, 24

Here comes another effective, efficient, and productive glass paint named as FolkArt acrylic glass paint. Unlike other products, this product comes with a complete set of crafts glass paint. The package includes 12-2oz bottles of rich glass paint colors. The color ranges from pure orange, deep blue, real brown, daffodil yellow, bright pink to classic green allowing you to experiment with your projects. The application is simple, smooth, and easy to handle. This product can make your project look breathtaking. The quick-drying formula saves you a lot of time and allows you to jump from one project to another without a hitch.

You must approach this American-based trusted brand to offer the fresh yet elegant look that they deserve.

Key Features:

  • Trusted American made brand
  • Brilliant vibrant colors
  • Ideal for multi-surfaces
  • Smooth application
  • Easy to handle

Benefits and Drawbacks Mentioned by Verified Users



  • Sunlight tend to make the surface fade
  • Looks old stock paint

Verified Buyers Review:

I think saving money is what I love most and this product has helped me save a lot. I have bought this for painting my jar mugs including other glass items. I have intentionally intermixed many colors to make my items look more enticing. It has wonderfully surpassed my expectations. I will try ordering the same product but in different colors to take my creativity to an extreme level. Wish me, good luck buddies!”

3. Krylon K09035000 Stained Glass Aerosol Paint : Best Affordable Paint for Translucent Finish

Krylon K09035000 Stained Glass Aerosol Paint, 11.5 oz, Canary Yellow

Unlike all the brands, Krylon is the only brand that doesn’t need any introduction. It is a worldwide popular brand that believes in making the tightest DIY projects easiest through professionally designed applications like this. This is a translucent best paint for glass that can make your imperfect glass pieces look perfect.  These paints are certified, offer excellent coverage, and are driven by a great performance. The easy one-step pieces of these paints allow every individual to make their painting journey worthwhile and complete within the stipulated time.

Therefore, embrace this top-rated glass paint to flaunt your style your way.

Key Features:

  • Good quality translucent paint
  • Ideal for indoor crafts and decorating
  • Made in USA
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to apply

Benefits and Drawbacks Mentioned by Verified Users


  • Works great on stained glass
  • Gives faster results
  • Good choice for people with tight budget
  • Impeccable quality


  • Not ideal for outdoor use

Verified Buyers Review:

I don’t want to buy new fog lights as the older ones due to tight budget issues. So, I have purchased this affordable Krylon paint to make my Mazda fog lights look refreshing again. I have just used two coats and my surface started looking shiny and glossier. This is what I was expecting. The color, quality, and price have exceeded my expectations. Great paint at such a fair price range.”

4. ARTISTRO Acrylic Paint Pens for Glass Painting : Best Durable Paint for Glass

Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric, Canvas, Porcelain, Metal. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint Markers Medium Tip

ARTISTRO is another leading brand that produces water resistance paint without compromising on quality. This application is meant for all looking to give a durable matte or gloss touch to every glass item. With 4.5 star ratings, this top-rated product comes in beautiful designs, quick-drying technology, and gives a professional touch even in the absence of experts or professionals. This is a versatile product that blends well with multiple surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramic, plastics, textiles, metal, and whatnot.

From silver, gold, blue, purple, to orange, the complete package includes 12 different vibrant colors to enrich your art piece. If you’re looking for a perfect birthday for your kids, then choose this product to add colors to their lives.

Key Features:

  • Best quality durable paint
  • Quick drying formula
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Comes in rich colors (gold, silver, green etc.)
  • Resistant -free

Benefits and Drawbacks Mentioned by Verified Users


  • Outstanding design and quality
  • Takes less time to dry
  • Ideal choice for painters and artisans
  • Highly rated art supplies


  • Poor adhesion on plastics

Verified Buyers Review:

I was planning to throw a party for my office colleagues, including some of my closest friends, for my promotion. I don’t wanna buy new wine glasses. So, I thought of giving a new look to my old wine glasses. One of my office colleagues has suggested this painting color to me. I have ordered them then and there. It just takes less than two days for the product to reach my doorstep. That was amazing. During the weekend, I took out the paint and started painting my wine party glasses one by one. I have picked an unusual design that can go with the theme of my party. I was first unsure about the efficiency and performance of the product. But after applying one coat, the wine glasses have started looking fabulous. It feels like I have achieved something at this price range. I am just hoping that my party will turn out to be rocking. Fingers crossed!”

5. Magicdo Stained Glass Paint with Palette : Best Non-Toxic Paint

Magicdo Stained Glass Paint with Palette,Transparent Glass Window Paint Acrylic Paint Set Great for Wine Bottle, Light Bulbs, Ceramic (12 Colors x 12ml)

You may or may not have heard about this brand before but Magicdo is a dominant yet competitive brand in the current market today. This stained glass paint from the Magicdo is a great choice for adding unusual magic to your items like glass, ceramic, plastic, wine bottles, mugs, jars, fish tanks, or many other surfaces. The main highlight of this product is that it is safe to use around the home, includes no toxic chemicals, and safeguard every user and environment alike. This makes these eco-friendly products for kids, teens, and even adults.

You can mix and match using the 12 different rich colors like mid yellow, light green, titanium white, violet, and so on to make your DIY project outstanding. Are you a beginner hoping to get effective yet satisfactory results in less time? Embrace this powerful product to reap a plethora of advantages comfortably at home.

Key Features:

  • Super-rich quality
  • Comes in 12 fantastic ranges of colors (Deep blue, orange, black etc.)
  • No chemicals and peculiar smell
  • Environment- friendly acrylic paint
  • Multi-purpose paint

Benefits and Drawbacks Mentioned by Verified Users


  • Certified eco-friendly paint
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Natural drying formula
  • Sealed packaging


  • Bit expensive
  • Not applicable for candle holders

Verified Buyers Review:

“I have bought this paint, especially for my school project. My teacher has recommended this to me. So, my parents have ordered this for me. The texture of the color was looking fine after one coat. Before you start with the second coating, make sure to wait for some time for the first coat to dry thoroughly. That’s what I have done. After the second coat, I have seen a dramatic change in my glass art which can’t be described through words. I’ll share the pictures soon. Overall, I am quite happy with the outcome.

6. Bearals Glass Paint for Bottle, Light Bulbs and Ceramic : Best Solvent Free Paint

Glass Paint, Stained Glass Paint, Glass Color Paint for Wine Bottle, Light Bulbs and Ceramic (12 Colors x 0.84 fl.oz)

If you’re looking for a complete yet valuable set that comes in at a fair price, the Bears best glass paint is for you. The seal-packed package includes 12 rich deep colors x 25ml tubes. This professionally designed product aims to meet all your needs and requirements related to your DIY projects. The product is thoughtfully designed to meet all the safety and standards. The product is fairly economical and convenient to use causing no irritation and sensitivity to your skin. The eco-friendliness factor of this product makes it highly efficient for the people inside the home and the outside environment alike. This wide application can be used on unlimited surfaces like glass windows, ceramics, plastic items, bottle vases, mugs, wine glass, fish tanks, and a lot more.

From beginners, teens to even professional artists, every individual can take pleasure from this result-oriented rich product to create their very own masterpiece straight from the scratch.

Key Features:

  • Set of 12 x 25 ml bearals glass paint
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or adhesives
  • Easy clean up formula
  • Water resistance
  • Wide application tool

Benefits and Drawbacks Mentioned by Verified Users


  • Good for kids and environment alike
  • Formulated meeting the safety standards
  • Offers extra protection to your pieces
  • Durable product


  • Need almost days and even week for the paint to dry fully
  • Overpriced

Verified Buyers Review:

I purchased this exceptional product, especially for my kid’s projects. I was first amazed at the on-time delivery. Unfortunately, I received three black shades instead of the silver color paint which I ordered. I reached out to customer service and they have acknowledged their mistake and sent me the apologizing mail the same day. After two days, I have luckily received the color that I want. Speaking of the product, it is a great product, excellent price and customer service is more applaudable. Love everything!”

7. iMustech Glass Paint Set (0.4 fl.oz/Tube) : Best Environmentally Friendly Paint

iMustech glass paint is well-known for its quality, performance, and most importantly affordable price range. This product offers a complete set of 12 striking water-based colors- orange, yellow, black, violet, black, deep blue, to name a few. This superior product has applaudable features such as solid adhesion, power-packed performance, good coverage, water resistance capacity, etc. to make your art projects appealing. This is an ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 (CE) certified product with no foul smell, no harsh chemicals, and no toxicity. This makes this product perfect for the kids and the environment too.

You can unlock many possibilities using this product alone. This product allows you to comfortably paint not only glass surfaces but also creates a long-lasting relationship with other surfaces like vases, jars, ceramics, metal, wine bottles and the list continues. Therefore, rely on IMustech best paint for glass to make your every small to big DIY project successful.

Key Features:

  • Package of 12 Transparent colors
  • Perfect for crafts and art related projects
  • Powerful coverage capacity
  • Safe to use (Non-toxic paint)
  • Versatile strong paint

Benefits and Drawbacks Mentioned by Verified Users


  • Makes your art work more productive
  • Good for multiple projects
  • Causes no harm to humans and environment
  • Easy to apply


  • Not a waterproofing paint

Verified Buyers Review:

“I was scrolling through paint-related products over the internet and I landed into this product. Being an animal lover, I was specifically looking for non-toxic as well as environment-friendly products that can make my environment and pets safe. The title of this product caught my attention. The title says non-toxic and yes. It indeed is. You won’t believe I have painted plenty of glass jars and mugs using this fabulous paint. The positive thing is it has no foul or irritating smell and is safe for the kids. I am now fond of this product for all the good reasons. I am hoping to buy more.”

Buying Guide For Best Glass Paint

Going to the supermarket or an online store might seem convenient. But, choosing the right type of best paint for glass can make a whole new difference in your every artwork. No matter whether you wish to paint stained glass, vase, or even a drinking glass, you must grab something valuable like Krylon or iMustech glass paint to ensure positive outcomes in your every DIY project.

Here is the detailed buying guide to make your painting process effortless:

Know Your Purpose

Not every painting you see online is designed for complimenting your projects. You must do your research proficiently and gather information related to different glass paints. First, educate yourself, ask professionals and seek proper guidance whenever required. This way, you will be able to write the kind of paint that suits perfectly with the type of glass you’re using.

Choose Right Type of Glass Paint

There are different types of paints like acrylic enamel paint, acrylic glass paint, spray paint for glass, paint pens, etc. available in the online world. You must determine every factor before adding your debit/credit card details in the payment section. If you aim for a high gloss finish, choose acrylic paint. If you want to create a stylized finish, give more preference to specialty paints. Considering the right type of paint will help make your glass project more worthwhile and productive at the same time.

Know the Urgency of the Paint

Knowing the urgency of the glass paint permanent or temporary has to be your top priority. It is one of the critical decisions you need to make at the early stage of the painting process. You need to keep in mind some paints are temporary that tend to lose their charm over time while others are permanently intended to make your art project long-lasting. Therefore, trust only durable, versatile, water-resistant and protect your items against lower or extreme weather exposure.

Knowing Drying Time is Mandatory

No one wants to wait for hours and even days for the paint to dry completely. Thanks to notable manufacturers like Bearals that craft professionally designed the best paint for glass with fast-drying formula. A fast-drying paint allows you to complex your simple to challenging projects on time. You must opt for quick drying glass paint to save your valuable time as well as effort.

Price is All That Matters

You must agree to the fact that money can make a whole lot of difference in making your decision. Being a smart customer, you must go with the result-oriented glass paint that not only suits your requirements but also fits every pocket size. Selecting affordable glass paint from certified manufacturers is a good option rather than opting for expensive products of cheap quality.

Every painting enthusiast should know that glass painting is not rocket science. With a little know-how, you can effortlessly accomplish your every artwork professionally, positively, and productively. Therefore, kickstart your painting journey successfully by giving preference to the best paint for glass.

Useful Tips & Tricks for Using Best Paint for Glass Professionally

Glass painting is an art form and not just any other technical work. It involves a dash of creativity, vision, and thinking to make your project stand out. From your frames, lamps, and flower vases, you can transform the look of your entire home using the best paint for glass only.

Here we have mentioned some of the most common tips and tricks you can use to make your painting job less stressful and more interesting.

  • If you are a beginner and unsure of your skills, start with inexpensive, non-usable, and cheap glassware in your home. This gives you a rough idea about how to handle the paint wisely before jumping directly to your main surface.,
  • It is a good idea to clean your glass items thoroughly using a rag and damp cloth. You can even use soap water to get rid of extra layers of dirt and dust particles.
  • If you’re not a pro, then you can use a tracing sheet to make a layout of the design. You must choose simple over complicated or complex design.
  • Say no to synthetic brush as they leave unpleasant brushstrokes making your glass painting look untidy and unprofessional. Use natural hair brushes to get smoother yet glossier surfaces.
  • Applying too much or extra pressure won’t give you a professional touch. For making your glass painting look extraordinary- hold the paintbrush gently, apply the right pressure and move your hands diligently to avoid mistakes.
  • Speaking of mistakes, you should use the paint remover to wipe out an extra layer of paint from the edges. You can even use a cotton swab and toothpick to scrape away your painting mistakes easily.
  • If you want clean and crisp straight lines, use painter’s tapes or stencil for crafting fine lines.
  • Always choose rich, vibrant, and distinctive colors to give a refreshing look to youtube glass pieces.
  • After you’re done with your painting, give a minimum of 12 hours or even less for your paint to dry completely. Have little patience as most paints take longer than expected.
  • Don’t forget to wear latex gloves and proper face masks to protect your hands and the skin.
  • Make a practice to purchase environment-friendly products to safeguard yourself and the environment too.

Painting on glass is something that makes you feel good or bad depending on your skills, presence of mind, and level of creativity. We suggest purchasing economical glass paint from a recognized manufacturer can make your dull glass look mesmerizing. Don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to add a sense of freshness and charm to every glass item.


What is the best paint for glass?

The enamel acrylic paints are considered to be the best paint for glass that is known for their durability, versatility, adhesion, longevity, and fast-drying techniques.

What has more worth-water-based paint and oil-based paint?

Permanence and Durability is the most common difference between water-based and oil-based glass paint. Most oil-based paints are generally harder, protect against moisture, and have more VOCs as compared to water-based. On the flip side, water-based paint is easy to clean and delivers fast performance.

Do I need to wash the glass before using paint?

You must clean the surface using soap water or a damp cloth to wipe out dirt and dust. You must study all the instructions carefully before beginning your process.

What other tools or materials do I need before starting my painting?

Make sure to have the proper tools to make your entire glass painting process less burdensome and more exciting. You can begin with:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Face Masks
  • Plastic scraper
  • Paint remover
  • Cleaning damp cloth
  • Extra cotton
  • Painters tape

Which colors are the best choice for glass paint?

A wide range of rich colors like rose, orange, yellow, silver, gold, titanium white, deep blue, and much more is available in the online world. You can also mix and match the colors to make your glass look more crowd-pleasing.

Does glass paint take much longer to dry?

The drying time of the paint usually depends on many factors like the quality of the glass paint, temperature, and humidity level. You must pick the glass paint with a fast-drying formula that takes less than an hour for the paint to dry completely.

What other surfaces can I paint other than glass items?

You need to get a multi-purpose and versatile product that blends well with surfaces like:

  • Glass jars
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Metals
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Fish tanks
  • Wine bottles

What kind of finish should I go with?

Glass paints come in different kind size, shape, and finish like matt and high gloss. You need to select the top-quality paint with the right kind of finish to accentuate the look of your glass.

How to remove large spots from the glass surfaces?

A white vinegar or nail polish remover is needed to remove the small as well as large spots from your glass surface. You just need to dip the cotton in the paint remover and wipe it off after a minute or two using a damp cloth.


Today’s online world is bombarded with millions of paint-related products that can make the buyer confused. You must pick the right manufacturers to give yourself branded the best paint for glass for a rewarding experience.

Unlike low-quality products in the market – Krylon, iMustech, and Bears are the reputed brands that focus largely on providing worldwide customers with genuine, verified, and top-quality glass paint to add beauty to their treasured glass items.

Whether you want to give a simple look or wish to make your glassware look appealing, trust reliable products for satisfying results at just nominal rates.

Therefore, create endless opportunities by purchasing performance-driven best glass for paint from us!

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