Will Acetone Damage Car Paint?

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You may not find a car according to your choice of color. Now, you can easily paint your vehicle. But before start painting, you should think about some harmful things. The common problem faced by most car owners while painting their car is the damage from acetone.

From my writing, you will be able to know about how acetone can damage car paint. So that, whenever you go for a car painting, have an eye on the process. You cannot let the acetone damage your newly painted car. The writing will help you make knowable about the damage and its consequences.

Liquids That Damage Car Paint

Many liquids are harmful to car paint. They may lead to color decay and ruin the outer surface of the car. Let’s check the liquids

Vehicle Fluid

Vehicle fluids may melt and damage the color of the surface of a car. They contain coolant and brake fluid. These fluids act as paint thinner and cause peeling.

Wipe the area with a soft cloth to remove fluids. Then, wash the spot with soap and a sponge.


If you do not remove eggs, they make a layer on the car paint. When exposed to paint, the yolk and whites of eggs become toxic.

  • Eggshell is responsible for destroying the paint. So, clean the area as soon as possible.
  • The egg white may stick to the surface of car paint. Remove it by using wet sanding on the area.
  • The yolk contains fat, fatty acids, and cholesterol. It eliminates the coating of the car surface and creates a spot.

Hence, when you get any spot of the egg, rinse it with mild soap and water. You can also rub with shampoo, and the spot will be gone.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are common situations for every car owner. It may permanently ruin the car’s paint. If you notice bird droppings on your vehicle, wash them before drying them. Take a wet towel and detergent. Scrubbing may cause peeling. So, softly wipe the area.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream on a car’s surface can trigger the paint to peel. It may not be harmful in a foam state, but if you find shaving cream in dry form, damage happens. In this case, you have to damp the area and clean it thoroughly.

Acid Rain

Acid rain destroys the surface of your car. The damage of the acid rain is to repair.

You can remove the spot by using clay bars. Gently moisten the surface and rub the clay on it. Using a microfiber cloth, clean the damaged area.

You can also remove acid rain with a watermark remover.

You can advise from a professional.

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish is responsible for leaving a spot on your car. It is tough, but not impossible, to remove on your own. For cleaning the polish all of it, follow the tips mentioned below.

You can use a specialized cleaner to eliminate the stain. How easy it is, right? If you still feel confused doing so, consult with a professional anytime. But the method is mentioned to be followed by the beginners to expert level.

Coffee & Soda

Due to acidic components, coffee and soda can eat away the coating of your car’s paint. Be careful whenever you have one. They can fall into the car at any time accidentally.

If they fall on your car, wash them instantly. Your car is completely clean now!

Will acetone damage car paint?

Now we’ll explain what acetone does to paint. If acetone pours on the car, it will tend to peel the car paint. This solvent will disintegrate the paint in a few hours.  You can remove the acetone immediately with soap and water.

If soap and water don’t work, try a non-acetone nail color remover. It can make your work easier.

Can Acetone remove car wax?

Acetone can remove car wax. Before starting the process, open the windows of your garage. It will help to remove strong odor. Now, soak a soft cloth in the acetone and poured it on the wax spot. Then, rub with a scraper or scrub brush. You can also do this rubbing process with a fine-grit sandpaper.

Continuously pour acetone. To eliminate the acetone residue, swab the surface with fresh water.

Will acetone hurt your car paint?

Acetone can hurt the coating of the car. You cannot reverse the damage of acetone. But, if you find it earlier, can prevent the amount of damage. Remove the area and then polish the coating to shine.

It is difficult to undo the damage of acetone on plastic surfaces and other interior pieces. As plastic trim has an unusual shape, you will notice a difference.

However, to get rid of the problem, buy some 1600 grit sandpaper. Wet sand will help you to dissolve the spot into the paint. Minerals also can be used to remove spots.

Tips for maintaining the quality of car paint:

You can maintain the condition of the surface by following some steps. Read on-

  1. Wax offers an extra coating that helps protect your paint from minor scratches, keeps it from fading, and holds its beauty. So, wax your car every 3 to 6 months.
  2. Cover your car when not in use.
  3. WD40 is safe for cleaning tricky substances.
  4. Use a microfiber towel to wipe your car.

Wrap up:

Painting the car with your favorite color can bring peace to your mind. And if the color got damaged by a simple mistake, you cannot forgive yourself. So, to keep you notified about the damage from acetone on the car paint, the article is worth reading.

Never let the acetone create any damage to your newly painted car. Be careful when the painting is going on. Also, follow my writing to know more about the issue. Let us know how you find the problem and solve it.

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