How To Paint A Galaxy Wall?

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Have you ever wondered how color affects your mood? Well, the type of color you paint on your wall has a more significant bearing on your daily mood. According to, you cannot ignore your room color since it forms the fundamental principles associated with your spirit. On that note, this article will examine the easiest way how to paint a galaxy wall; Read on to discover more insight.

You might want to make a few changes to your room, such as changing the color of your furniture and your walls. When it comes to changing the color of your walls, you need to pay attention to the type of color you apply because, as was mentioned earlier, color significantly affects your inner person.

Changing the color of your walls breaks the monotony of starting at a single color daily. You can choose to paint your wall in plain color or be more creative and do a few decorations on your wall to bring about a feeling of newness and liveliness to your room. Speaking of creativity, is there a right way to paint a room to look like a galaxy(how to paint a galaxy wall)? Continue perusing to find out.

Painting a galaxy-themed color on your walls involves patterns and decorations which resemble the sky during nighttime. Painting a galaxy wall should not give you headaches; if you are a DIY, you can produce this type of paint if you have the right supplies at your disposal. So, what materials are needed to paint a galaxy wall? Read on to find out.

Materials Needed

  • Dark purple paint for the background
  • Purple paint
  • Light purple paint
  • Light blue paint
  • Brushes
  • Art brushes
  • Spray bottle
  • A picture of a  galaxy

Now you have all the essential supplies needed to paint your galaxy wall, and it is time to start your project. Since any form of wall painting can be pretty messy, you need to move any movable furniture and other items to another room or cover them adequately to protect them from paint splashes. Since you will not paint the whole room, you should choose the wall to apply to your galaxy art.

Decide on the most appropriate galaxy theme to use on your wall. You can check online for a variety of galaxy-themed pictures and pick the one that is best for you. Without wasting time, let us get you into the actual exercise of painting your wall to look like a galaxy.

Steps involved In painting your galaxy wall

You will realize that painting your wall to look like a galaxy will be much easier by following the steps highlighted below:

Pick a Background theme for your Galaxy Wall Paint

  • To begin your painting, pick a dark hue to act as your background color. Ensure your wall has a good primer before you start painting the galaxy look.
  • Make use of pigments like indigo blue and shades of purple as you polish your wall. Start with darker shades of either blue or indigo on your wall, and then continue with shades of green, red, and lilac colors to bring out a conspicuous theme.
  • This stage will essentially involve adding bits of yellow and white at the bottom to create an intense shade. Note that, too, to achieve a skylike theme, you need to add bright colors to your painting in an appropriate manner and care not to overdo it. You can save a significant amount of time by using paint sprayers to apply paints on your wall.
  • You are allowed to use ordinary paints; however, ensure you give them sufficient time to dry before going on to the next step.

Be creative on the images to use

  • The internet contains many images where you can choose the most appropriate to use. Use chalk to make sketches of pictures on the wall.
  • You want your wall to be as presentable and as appealing as you possibly can; pick images that can only be found or have a relation to the sky. To give you a clue, think along the line of spaceships, planets, asteroids, and comets.
  • You need to produce a near-perfect image, so you should ensure you use chalk to see how the image appears before using paint.
  • Fill the sketches of images you have made with the color white to make them look natural in the dark background. Use the right size of brushes when drawing your pictures to minimize the chances of distorting your images.

Drawing the Constellation

  • Like we mentioned earlier, you need to be more creative. You can find many images on the internet to give you a rough idea of how a constellation looks, and try to draw on your galaxy painting.
  • You can use your chalk to make the image of a constellation on your galaxy wall.
  • Work your way through the constellation by connecting dots with white to bring out the actual image of a constellation.

Use paint to draw the actual images of heavenly bodies you sketched earlier

  • Make the images appear natural by applying paint on them accordingly. Note that you need to be more careful at this stage because any mess you create will take you back to the beginning of the whole exercise.
  • Use a fine brush to create a clear impression of the clouds in the background to give your painting a lively look.
  • Use the most applicable colors to give you an accurate picture of a galaxy sky. You can research online for the right shades of colors, but the standard ones include: blue, red, and green. Luminous colors can help create a feeling of being in the actual sky and experiencing the surroundings.

Since you Want your room to have a different and fulfilling look, you can explore other surfaces that you think may deserving of having the face of a galaxy; try painting your ceiling by following the above instructions and seeing how marvelous it becomes.

Painting your wall to look like the sky at night will undoubtedly give you a certain level of tranquility and raise your spirits. So why don’t you try this magic and see what you have been missing? Enjoy your painting!

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