the best paints for EVA foam

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Want the best and desired color of your EVA foam? Here we’ll discuss the best paints for EVA foam. Let’s read the whole article to find these paints.

EVA Foam has a wide range to use in many fields. It’s a superb choice to make costumes and props of every kind due to its outstanding features. You can make period armor, boxing gloves, hockey pads, and for many projects of your desire. You need to have sufficient skills and enough patience to make the EVA foam into the finished foam of any desired material.

Have you become bored with the traditional colors of your EVA foam? Do you want that to make it more finished? If you wanna make EVA foam look like metal or want to mold it to any shape. Or want for any other creativity. Don’t be late in exploring your inner talent. So, Let’s start. Make your favorite and desired shape, and then paint it accordingly. In this article, you’ll go through the paints for EVA foam. You don’t need to wonder anywhere when you have the complete article to discuss every paint feature.

Who Needs This Product?

Painting for EVA foam has a wide range, and there are many reasons to buy it. It’s not only limited to use by students, props makers, householders, and for many more projects. Let’s read an article to get to know who needs these paints.

  • Anyone who wants to make a unique color project of EVA foam can opt for this paint.
  • If you want to paint pliable surfaces or EVA foam, 3D prints, or thermodynamics, the above two points are an ideal choice to apply to all of these.
  • It has extended options for householders. Any householder can use it for making a protective coating on his home improvements, garden, or garage.
  • If you‘re a beginner to using the paints, it’s also a perfect choice to opt for these paints as they’ve creamy consistency, and it also helps you glide on the surface very simply.
  • Another option for households if they need to fill in. Let’s suppose if they want pits in metal, they can have the best options to use the above two paints for the most surprising results.
  • Cosplayers and EVA foams can use most EVA foam to make their desired shapes as they are very light wear, affordable, and can be molded to any shape and color.

What Do Readers Will Learn?

EVA foam has a wide range, and it is used in many fields and in making different equipment. For making this equipment, we apply different paints to make it more and more attractive. Most people are unaware of how to use paints? Which paints are best to use on EVA foam? We have an article that’ll give you all the details of the paint for EVA foam. You don’t need to look anymore when you have the best website that gives you all the details of its features, advantages, pros, and cons. For your convenience, we have collected the best two paints for EVA foam.  Moreover, you will also go through a buying guide to help you get good quality paint. Let’s read all the articles from top to bottom to get the information regarding the EVA foam paints.

Top 2 Paints For Eva Foam

Research always takes a long time when you go to buy any paint. When you’re buying paint for the first time, it becomes more difficult as you have no idea. Let’s make it easy for you. This article contains the paints for EVA foam. All the details are mentioned for you. Carefully read all the articles and decide which paint is best for you, and then use it.

1. Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Aerosol Paint: Best for Non-Cracking/Peeling

Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol - 11 oz.

“Plasti Dip” has the best name in the paints when you come to talk about EVA foam paints due to its non-slip, very convenient, and controlled grip. It’s too perfect and indeed gives you outstanding results after applying. The  Plasti Dip formula has simple air dry synthetic rubber coating. It becomes a victim of cracks in extreme weather. But this has an excellent ability that it remains flexible whichever weather condition is.


  • It provides protection against acids, rust, abrasion, and moisturizer.
  • You can easily remove the paint and get the original surface. And you can again paint if you have the desire. 
  • No damage or any residue will be left when you remove the paint and bring back your original position. 
  • Remove any dirt or any grease from paint while applying paint.
  • You need almost 4 to 5 coats on the surface for the most finished look.
  • The in-between coating time difference is 40 min and 24 hours to fully dry.
  • It can protect you against heat, electrical shocks, and vibrations. 
  • Applying temperature for best results is 68-70°F.


  • Work in temperatures from -30°F to 200°F
  •  Peelable
  • Removable off
  • Desired color options
  • Reliable product


  • Sometimes the nozzle gets clogged.
  • May face difficulty in spraying
  • The surface may get a bumpy coating.

Reason to buy

The main reason to buy it is that it’s multi-purpose and has a rubber coating. It’s very conveniently applicable by brushing or sipping or also by spraying.

2. PlaidFX Smooth Satin Flexible Acrylic Paint:  Excellent Choice for Pliable Surfaces

PlaidFX Smooth Satin Flexible Acrylic Paint Ideal for Pliable Surfaces and Cosplay Costumes, Non-Cracking or Peeling, No-Tack, Durable, 3 oz, Commander Navy

PlaidFX Smooth Satin is very good to use on the EVA foams because whenever you paint on the surface, it will give you an incredible texture that lasts long. It’s proven excellent even after ages. It also provides excellent results when applying thermoplastics and 3D printed material. The components used in making these paints are of the finest quality not to damage your painted area. It has a smooth texture that can do very efficiently on a paint’s area.


  • When you apply this paint on the surface, you can see the smooth satin finish.
  • The difference between each coat is about one hour to dry thoroughly.
  • When coats are complete, it takes 24 hours to dry thoroughly.
  • As it is Water-based paint, it consumes less time in drying.
  • PlaidFX is specially made to use for costumes due to its durability.
  • With every coating layer, you‘ll get perfect coverage and high pigmentation.
  • No cracks or no peel will appear on the paint when you apply paint and after drying.


  • Highly pigmented
  • Have a smooth satin finish
  • Nontoxic in nature
  • It’s a water-based paint
  • Protection against cracking and peeling
  • Quickly cleaning with water and soap
  • AP certified
  • The USA made product


  • It forms bubbles if any moisture is near
  • Limited colors .range, you can face difficulty in getting your desired color

Reason to buy

It provides you with a satin-smooth finish. You can not only paint on EVA foam but can also be the best paint to be applied on 3D print or thermoplastics, or any cosplay costumes.

Best Paints For Eva Foam: Buying Guide

For buying guides, keep all the tips to remember that’ll help in buying the best paint for EVA foam. As you are buying online, it is necessary that you must have details of the projects. We have gathered the right information that’ll definitely help you while buying.

Opt for acrylic paint

When you go to buy the paint for EVA foam, keep in mind to always choose water-based paint. Water-based paints are very useful while painting on the EVA foam. For excellent results, you can have acrylic paints that are very good to use.

Never use oil-based paints.

Always be sure that your paints are not oil-based, they could have severe results and damage. Some oil paints are available that you can use on the foam but be aware that you must try them on your spare pieces. If your separate pieces are not damaged, then you can use them. But it is the best option to always go for water-based acrylic paint in the case of foam. Oil-based paints are very bad to use on foam as it causes spoiling to your foam from underneath. 

No compromise on quality

Keep the quality of the paint always in front and never make any compromise on it. When you are buying paint, never ignore the quality of the paint. Always use high-quality paints that’ll give you long-term results. If you buy low-quality paint, it’ll give you only short-term results. So always choose high-quality paints that’ll not peel off and not make cracks after painting.

Tips to Paint EVA Foam

Here we have collected some tips that’ll help you in the paint for EVA foam. You need to follow all the tips for the most acceptable results.

  • Prepare your surface before applying paint. If you don’t follow all the necessary requirements, then your paint does not last for a long time and becomes the victim of cracks and spots on the product.
  • Testing is essential before starting any painting. Some colors look good, but when applied, they‘ll damage your paint surface and look ugly. Always apply the brush on spare parts; if your paint is not up to your expectations, don’t use it.
  • If you have light colors, let’s take you to have yellow and red, then you require more coats. Light colors always take more coats as compared to dark coats. Brown and blue take a few coats, then yellow and red.
  • It’s the nature of matte paints that they become dry when painted with a lighter color. The black color appears like grey sometimes in lightning. It’s preferred to opt for glossy.
  • Always go for the highest-quality brushes for smooth paint. The brush is the utmost requirement in well smooth painting. 
  • Make your paint consistent with water. Don’t make your paint consistency too thick and too thin. If the paint is too thick, your paint starts becoming dry while applying the coating, and marks appear after painting all the product. And in another case, if your paint has a too thin consistency, you require a very large number of coats on your product.


Can you use acrylic paint on EVA foam?

Yes. If we can say it’s the best choice to apply acrylic paint on the EVA foam, then we‘re not wrong. When you apply acrylic paint on the EVA foam, you can see beautiful results with no significant issue.

Does acrylic paint works on foam?

Very well. When you use acrylic paint on the styrofoam, you can check that it sticks very well. Styrofoam has a porous nature; that’s why you need several coats to apply on the foam. When you apply a coat, wait while applying another coating layer.

Does spray paint dissolve EVA foam?

There is a chance that your paint may contain harsh substances that are not suitable for your paint. Or it can’t accept the large quantity of spray paint. That’s why it is suggested to first cover your product with the Plasti Dip or Mod Podge. You need 2 to 3 layers before doing any kind of activity of paint.

What do you use to seal EVA foam?

The perfect use to seal EVA foam is to use White Crafts glue, or if you‘ve not this, you can also go for Wood glue. It’s easily available in any craft store.


Online shopping is not as easy. You have to browse many websites to get perfect thighs that match exactly what you want. Now the time is gone when you need a professional to hire for the painting. Make artists from now and paint which EVA foam you want and mold it according to your wish. You need an article that has all the correct information along with its cons. So you can easily identify suitable paints. As you have checked all the information about the paints. Now it’s up to you to go and check the paint, which is exactly what you need. Both two paints are very best at their place; you can choose both. The above two paints are very convenient and they can give you very professional results. Even a beginner can paint on an EVA foam with these paints very professionally. Let’s generate your inner artist and start making different things with beautiful colors.

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