How To Get Chalk Paint Off?

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Getting rid of chalk paint is quite a challenge; It is essential to consume all the available knowledge on how to get chalk to paint off any surface effortlessly.

Detailed Steps On How To Get Chalk Paint Off

Doing away with chalk paint will depend on many factors; One such factor is the nature of the surface where the original chalk paint is applied. With that in mind, there are many methods you can use to get chalk paint on any surface quickly. We will examine some of the suitable ways you can use to get the best results.

Supplies Needed To Remove Chalk Paint

  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Sander
  • Suitable Sandpaper
  • Spirit
  • Steel filings
  • Container
  • Rug
  • Suitable Oil
  • Wax

 Removing Chalk Paint From A Wall

One surface where you will likely try to remove chalk paint is on a wall surface. If you follow the laid down steps, you will undoubtedly do a clean job. Below we have possible steps to follow whenever you want to remove chalk paint from a wall.

 Step 1: Cleaning Your Wall

Like you would prepare any surface, be sure to wash your wall thoroughly. Ensure you have enough water because you don’t want to leave any form of dirt on the wall. Let your wall dry properly before jumping onto subsequent steps.

 Step 2: Using a Sandpaper

Be sure to pick the correct sandpaper for use on your wall; medium-grained sandpaper will do the work perfectly. Your aim at this point is to remove as much chalk paint from the wall as possible through sanding, so be sure to do your sanding when the wall is completely dry.

 Step 3:Wiping Your Wall

Use a clean piece of towel to clean the surface of your wall thoroughly. Make sure to get rid of all debris and dust particles from the wall surface.

 Step 4: Applying A Suitable Primer

In this case, an oil-based primer will work best for you. Be sure to spray up to two layers of your primer and then let it dry before going to the next step.

 Step 5: Applying Paint (Optional)

As stated earlier, you can choose to proceed with your project and paint it if necessary. Follow all the steps applicable when applying paint on a wall.

 Getting Rid of Chalk Paint from a Glass

  • The procedure you will apply here is no different from the one described earlier. However, be sure to clean your glass surface with a warm and soapy solution.
  • Immerse a towel in your soapy solution and wipe over the surface of your walls to remove any greasy stains and dust particles.
  • It would help for you to go over the above step more than once for better results.
  • Use a chisel or a flat-edged tool to scoop the chalk ( a  scalpel will be a better choice at this point). Be gentle when digging the paint stains to avoid creating scratches on your glass surface.
  • Finally, wipe your gall using a clean and damp cloth before allowing it to dry.

 Removing Chalk Paint from Wood

The following three methods can be used to remove chalk paint from a wood surface. Please go through them to get detailed information.

 1. Using Stripping Method

  • Use a suitable paint stripping substance to get rid of chalk paint. Add a significant amount into a  bucket.
  • After applying the stripper, allow it to sit on Chalk paint for a moment before moving to the next step. Be sure to go through usage instructions to avoid doing messy work.
  • Take a scooper to dig up the chalk paint from the wood surface. Be careful with your scooping tool because you don’t want to scratch your wood surface.
  • In case of sticky paint stains, apply another coat of your stripper and let it dissolve the chalk paint.

 2. Using the Heat Gun

  • Direct your heat gun to the paintwork while maintaining a safe distance between the surface and the frame to avoid damaging your wood surface.
  • Be sure to work on the entire surface where you want Chalk paint removed
  • As you heat the chalk paint, it would be helpful to keep removing the already melted paint.

3.Using Sanding Method

Sanding is the most suitable method to work on most projects involving paint removal. Follow these tips  to get a glimpse of how to remove chalk paint through sanding:

  • As always, be sure to clean your wood surface using soap and warm water and then allow it to dry.
  • Use coarse-grained sandpaper to get rid of thick layers of chalk paint. Do your final sanding using fine-grained sandpaper for a smooth finish.
  • Use a damp cloth  to clean your wood  surface.

 How does the Paint Stripper work on Chalk Paint?

The following are the point to keep in mind whenever you are using your stripper to get rid of chalk paint:

  • Use a significant amount of your stripper on Chalk paint
  • Allow your stripper to dissolve the chalk paint properly before proceeding
  • Use a knife or a flat-edged tool to remove the paint stains from your surface.

 Getting Rid of Chalk paint Employing Home Based Products

  • Vinegar comes in handy in this case. Heat your vinegar over a gentle heat and apply it to chalk paint
  • It would be helpful to use sodium carbonate(baking soda) in place of vinegar
  • Wash your surface using soap and water.
  • Another invaluable product you can use is acetone.

 Sanding the surface

Use fine-grained sandpaper on the surface of your paintwork to remove chalk paint. Follow the following tips when sanding off chalk paint from your furniture.

  • Use soapy water to clean your given surface and allow it enough time to dry.
  • Consider using a mix of both large and small-grained sandpaper on your paintwork for better results.
  • Always be sure to clean the sanded surface using a clean and damp towel.

While applying chalk paint on a given surface brings about many gratifications, its removal is not easy. Depending on the nature of your surface, you can easily remove chalk paint with much ease, provided you follow the correct procedure to the letter.

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