How To Remove Spray Paint From Bricks?

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If you have been racking your brain on how to remove spray paint from bricks, then you are in the right place. Read through the article to learn more.

Detailed Steps On How To Remove Spray Paint From Bricks

Removing spray paint from bricks can be a stressful process if you are completely green on the steps involved. The procedure gets cumbersome if your brick surface is well-textured.

Note that spray paint has excellent sticking properties, so removing it may consume more energy and time than you might expect. Are you still reading? This article examines detailed steps on (how to remove spray paint from brick walls).

Supplies You’ll Need to Remove Spray Paint from Bricks

Like any paint removal project, it is proper to have all the necessary supplies before beginning your project. The following are some of the supplies you will need:

  • Pressure washer
  • Soft  brush
  • Soap/detergent
  • Water
  • Rags

Now that you have the essential items at your disposal let’s jump into the steps you should follow to remove the spray paint from a brick wall.

Step 1: Use a suitable Graffiti Remover

  • There are many graffiti removal solutions you can choose from. Consider shopping online for the most suitable and recommended Remover. Be sure that the Remover you decide to use will not damage your bricks in any way. Read through the instructions on the label to be sure how to apply it.
  • Even when you have read the usage instructions, always ensure you carry out a patch test to find out the reactivity level of your spray paint removal.
  • Spray your removal product on the spayed paint and allow it to settle for a moment. Note that you must ensure that your removal product will not cause any damage to the surface of your bricks.
  • The Remover may contain active chemical ingredients that might erode your bricks, so be sure the product does not overstay on the bricks. It would be best if you considered leaving it on the surface for a maximum of thirty seconds.
  • After the recommended time elapses, use a clean rag to clean the removal from the brick surface. It would help to use a tiny amount of elbow grease to wipe the paint stains.
  • Prepare a soapy solution using warm water. Dip your Soft-bristled brush into the solution and brush off paint residue on the surface of your brick wall. Consider using a high-pressure water source to wash away stubborn debris.

 Step 2: Using Suitable SafeWipes

  • The good news is that you can use the recommended Safewipes on your brick wall to remove spray paint. Be sure to follow usage instructions for a clean job.
  • Note that using wipes is an excellent way to get rid of paint stains. After applying the wipes, Ensure you clean the affected parts of your brick surface; You should notice the paint stains come off in the process.
  • It would be best to carry out a patch test to observe whether the product you are using will damage your bricks.
  • At this point, your pressure washer will come in handy; direct the nozzle of your high-pressure water to the surface of your brick wall to get rid of paint residues.

 Step 3: Using Appropriate Wipe Outs

  • If you want to remove spray over a wide area, it will help to use suitable wipeouts. Note that half a container of your preferred Wipeout should be able to do the job.
  • Use a tag to smear the wipe out onto the sprayed parts of your brick wall. Be sure to apply your Wipeout to the paint stains and allow them to blend in with your Wipeout. Be sure to carry out a small patch test to see if the product will eat through the bricks.
  • Take a clean rag and clean up the excess Wipeout. You should notice traces of paint stains begin to come off at this point.
  • Consider using soap and water to clean the brick surface. If necessary, use a high-pressure water source to carry out this exercise. If you are not satisfied with the result, it would be helpful to repeat the procedure to achieve desired results.

 Step 4: Use a Suitable thinner

  • One of the best products to use in stripping out spray paint is Goof Off. It is excellent in terms of paint removal due to its aerosol properties. Ensure you shield yourself from the harmful effects of this product.
  • As always, carry out a patch test on a small part of your brick wall to be sure that it won’t damage your bricks if applied. Although it has excellent paint removal properties, it can also corrode and damage your bricks.
  • Let the product sit on the surface of your bricks for a period not exceeding thirty seconds. Goof Off is known to be a potent reducing agent, and as such, it can fade out the original color of your bricks.
  • Consider having you ready to wipe out the product from the surface as soon as possible to avoid any damage to your bricks. At this point, you should notice paint stains come off.

 Step 5: Using Citristrip to remove spray paint

  • Although it works as the other products discussed earlier, it is not very effective. Nevertheless, it is less volatile, and it can not damage your bricks. If you are looking for a gentle product, consider using CitristripGel to work on the spray paint.
  • Consider using a piece of towel when applying this gel. Squeeze a sizable amount of the cloth and lay it on the affected parts of your brick wall. Be sure to use a thick coat before letting it react with the paint stains.
  • Take a clean towel and wipe out any excess gel on the surface of your bricks. Use your brush to remove residue from the surface. It would be helpful to use high-pressure water to wash the surface clean.

Getting rid of spray paint is not an easy task. It would be helpful to learn a few tips on removing spray paint from bricks without causing any damage. That said, be sure to select the right product for your project.

If you follow the steps highlighted above, the whole exercise of removing spray paint from bricks should be a walk in the park. Since you are dealing with chemical products, be sure to guard yourself properly.

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