How To Paint Over Semi Gloss Without Sanding? The Ultimate Guide

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Do you know how to paint over semi gloss without sanding? Semi-gloss is a favorite of many; it’s the type of gloss that isn’t too reflective but has some sheen in it, enough to get the shiny effect people to love without all the glare. It is also known for being resistant to moisture than most finishes and easy to clean.

Semi-gloss is also known as semi-gloss enamel. It usually has a radiant appearance which is great for adding colors to trims, kitchens, cabinets, and bathrooms. Most consider semi-gloss to have a satin finish unto it, but semi-gloss has a bit more of a sheen.

When replacing semi-gloss, most would recommend sanding the area first to remove old semi-gloss paint, then applying new semi-gloss to add adhesion for durability when adding fresh paint.

Painting over semi gloss without sanding can take some time depending on the surface’s size, and new paint may not adhere well because of its smooth texture and the fact that it resists moisture.

Although most recommend sanding, replacing a semi-gloss without sanding it’s not impossible if the proper procedure is used, and below we list steps you can use to do so:

What will you need?

We will require the following items for finishing the job.

  • Newspapers
  • Satin paint
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Water
  • Rags
  • Tapes
  • Tray

How To Paint Over Semi Gloss Without Sanding?

We can paint over semi gloss without sanding by following steps:

Step 1: Make sure the area to repaint has been cleaned with a wet cloth or water. Chose an easy method, especially since semi-gloss usually are easier to clean. Soap may be required if the area is greasy and if still dirty. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary. Until clean and once done, allow the area to dry.

Step 2: Determine the semi-gloss type used on the surface you’re trying to repaint. Whether it is water-based or oil-based, or any other kind of semi-gloss paint, this helps choose the correct type of paint to repaint the area. Most recommend using satin paint to replace semi-gloss paint without sanding since it has some sheen.

Step 3: Chose a color similar to the one you’re trying to repaint; unless you’re able to remember the exact color you used previously, you can also choose to use a different color. It may take several layers or coats for the new paint to replace the old color and some additional drying time.

Step 4: Cover areas that may drip over such as floor or furniture to avoid unnecessary paint removal and save time. This can be done with tapes, newspaper, or drop cloths

Step 5: Start by painting the edges with a small brush if necessary, then choose a good roller to paint larger areas.

Stir the paint well and pour about 2 inches into a roller pan, add the roller into the color, and move in a forward-backward motion until the roller is somewhat saturated. Paint the surface with steady strokes until the first coat is even. Wait till dry. Use a roller to apply a second coat, paint until color seems even on the surface, and let dry. Use brush where may be necessary to cover spots or the edges.

alternative Method To Paint Over Semi Gloss

There are other painting methods you can use to paint over semi gloss without sanding or priming easily, and we list these below:

Deglosser Method

A deglosser is known as liquid sandpaper, which helps dull and removes old gloss paints and prep surfaces for a new color, it is excellent for bonding the fresh coat to the surface to prevent peeling or chipping, and it’s somewhat affordable.

First, clean the area, then apply deglosser directly to the surface you want to paint or to a sponge instead and move in an upward backward motion until the surface is covered. Next, wipe off the entire surface with a wet rag to remove the deglosser, finish by wiping the area with a dry rag. Once done, allow the surface to finish dry for about 1- 2 hours. Apply semi-gloss paint once the surface is dry, two coats may be required for a perfect semi-gloss finish.

A deglosser uses chemicals to remove old paint from a surface, especially within the wooded items’ nooks and crannies. It’s considered to be faster than sanding. Work in ventilated areas and use protective gear such as gloves and eyewear. If deglosser gets on your hands or any other parts of your skin, make sure to wash off the area with water and soap.

Easy Surface Prep (ESP)

Also known as Easy Surface Prep, is another gloss remover that can be used instead of sanding. It allows any surface bonding with the new paint, including ceramics. It’s odorless and works well with oil or water-based paint.

The area must be clean before applying ESP. If the surface is greasy, it may need some scrubbing. Allow about 2 hours for the surface to dry. ESP can be used with a rag or brush. Allow 5 minutes before wiping off with a lint-free cloth, and allow to dry.

Wait for at least 2 hours to apply paint, and once dry, apply a second coat for a perfect finish. Wear protective gear and avoid contact with skin. It gets on the skin. Wash off with water. If any irritation persists, seek medical attention.

These methods are optional and are used for being quick, economical, and easy to use, with no sanding required. You can complete all necessary tasks using one of these deglosser methods.

Instead of sanding, prepping, and painting, clean off the surface you want to repaint; with a deglosser of your choice. This method does save lots of time, although many people would still instead the sanding method by using a power sander which also holds lots of time depending on the size of the area.

Semi-gloss is made from binders which is a resin responsible for the sheen in the paint. Semi-gloss paints are recommended for high-traffic areas that may require frequent cleaning since it is easy to clean, somewhat affordable, and can be used for external and internal areas.

It is recommended to use a semi-gloss paint that is 100% acrylic latex since it’s considered to be the highest quality.

We hope you find these tips helpful.

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