How To Paint A Stainless Steel Sink?

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In this article, you’ll learn the most simple procedure of painting stainless steel. The procedure here you’ll find is for those who want to paint the stainless steel at home, not professionals.

Are you looking for how to paint the stainless steel? As stainless steel is non-porous like porcelain, that’s why it needs exceptional preparation before you can start painting. When you paint your steel, your lichen will undoubtedly get a facelift. Can you paint stainless steel? Yes, you can! But you need some instructions to follow before and after painting. Let’s move towards the preparation you need to paint the stainless steel sink. First of all, pick up trisodium phosphate and start wiping your stainless steel surface. After doing this procedure, your surface will be more responsive to paint. If you don’t have trisodium phosphate, you can also use another method to sand the surface down. It’ll help you in absorbing the paint more efficiently and quickly.

Steps To Paint A Stainless Steel Sink

Supplies Needed:

  • A paint sprayer
  • Hand-held brush
  • Roller
  • Primer
  • Steel wool or sandpaper
  • Trisodium phosphate cleaner
  • Paint
  • Mask

Prepare Your Sink

Let’s start with the essential step, which is preparing. If you start painting before preparation, it will give you unsatisfactory results. You are painting a stainless steel sink, so keep in mind that steel is a very hard material, and it becomes very difficult to stick paint. Now spray on trisodium phosphate liquid (TSP) and cleanse the surface. It is necessary for your surface that the TSP must apply to the wall surface where you want to paint. When you apply the paint, you’ll notice that all the shine of your sink has disappeared. Another method to get rid of the shining surface is to use sandpaper and start scraping the surface of your sink. Be sure that you scrub the whole surface. Select one of the methods that are easy for you. Both these methods help to dull and rough your surface.

Applying Primer

Now it’s time to prime your surface. Pick up the hand-held brush, or you can also pick a roller and start priming on the surface of the stainless sink. When you use the paintbrushes, they will give you a rough look. But if you don’t want a rustic look and want even coverage, you use a sprayer. The sprayer is the best option for a smooth finish. Stainless steel primer helps prepare your surface and makes it more magnetic to stick the paint evenly. Depending upon your surface, apply a coat of primer. If your surface wants more than one coat, apply a double coat. Apply the 2nd coat until you notice that your 1st coat dries completely. When your last coat has dried completely, move towards the next step.

Scrape The Sink

After applying the primer, it’s time to scrape the sink. We will again scrape the sink to rough the surface. For this step, we will use sandpaper or steel wool. Be aware not to use the TSP here; if you use it here, your primer will remove it from the surface. But you can use sandpaper. Use the sandpaper in the same way you had applied it before. This method will help you stick to the colored paint more efficiently.

Apply the First Coat Of Paint

Your surface is ready. Now you can apply the paint. Pick up your pigmented paint and start painting the first coat on your surface. You can pick up any method from these two. The first option is that you can use normal paintbrushes or rollers. If you are using brushes, you must be conscious while painting. Make sure to use long and smooth strokes. Always paint in one direction. But if you’re using a sprayer, you don’t have to be conscious. Using a sprayer will give a more professional and more consistent look that is impossible with normal paintbrushes. If you are serious and want a finished look, use only a sprayer. If it’s not available, you can rent it. As you do with the primer, dry it thoroughly until you move towards the next step.

Scuffing And Applying Another coat

As you have applied the first coat of paint on your stainless steel, now again scruff. Scruff the surface in the same way you did before using the same material ( sandpaper and steel wool). The repeated use of sandpaper may look unusual, but it is important for the finished look. When you sand the surface completely, it’s time to apply another coat. Apply the coat very smoothly and evenly to get the desired results.

Coating for stainless steel sinks depends upon your stainless steel. Most stainless steel requires at minimum two coats of paint.

Allow To Dry And Apply Protective Gloss

Let the paint dry completely. When you notice that everything is dry completely, it’s time to apply the final protective coat. Another option to use is the high-shine product. You normally called ( toilet glaze). It means that your final glaze will be impermeable.

Here are some directions that you must follow while applying the protective gloss.

  • Wear a mask properly because it has strong fumes
  • Work in a well-ventilated area

All these steps will help you a lot in painting stainless steel. You can notice it is a very easy method. Make all the instructions in front and start painting. One to remember in painting stainless steel is texture; Texture is key when dealing with stainless steel. 

Tips for painting the stainless steel

The use of sprayer paint is very good for stainless steel. But try not to use the spray paint because it won’t stick to the stainless steel surface properly. The best idea is to buy canned paints and use the spraying machine to paint and get professional results.

Never use the paint directly on the stainless steel. For painting the stainless steel sink, you need proper preparation. The first scruff, apply primer and then paint the surface.

Never use acrylic paint on the stainless steel. If you are using acrylic paint, first, it may not be food-safe, and the second one is that it gets cracks after some time. Epoxy paint sticks to stainless steel very smoothly.

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