How To Paint A Phone Case?

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A phone casing plays an essential role in protecting your device. This article highlights phone case painting ideas that work. Read on for more content.

Which paint is Suitable To Paint Your Phone Case?

One good thing with painting is that you can get creative with your painting by trying out different colors and selecting one that suits your needs. On that note, many ideas can help you get creative when painting your phone’s case to give it a brand new look.

You have decided to paint your phone casing, and maybe, you don’t know which color is suitable for your phone cover. You don’t want to take any paint and apply it to your casing without knowing whether it will stick to the surface of the case. This article will suggest the most suitable color use on your phone cover if you are still reading.

For DIY, you can use acrylic paint and a bright finish on your phone cover. Acrylic paint is recommended because it is brilliant, durable, and occurs in many metallic forms.

Use scotch tape, the right brush size, and a heat gun to make the paint dry properly. Simply put, to paint your phone case, all that you require is the phone cover and any shade of acrylic polish.

Another cheaper DIY option for acrylic paint is nail polish! Yes, you read it right; you can use nail polish to do a face-lift of your phone case with much ease.

Possible Phone Case Designs with Acrylic Paint

Now that you have the right paint to use for your project, what designs will you create on your phone cover? Well, this calls for your most creative ideas. You don’t want to paint your phone case in a dull, plain color; you might consider making drawings or even writing your name.

If you are completely stuck on which design ideas to paint on your phone case, the following tips might help you do the best design on your phone cover.

  • Geometric designs. Having a little knowledge about geometry will do you the trick if you want to design simple shapes on your phone case. You can check out trending designs online.
  • You can create authentic images of different foods and snacks like candy etc. Remember that you are not limited to how creative you want to be.
  • Another idea would be painting images of your favorite actor or movie star.
  • As earlier stated, unleash your creative potential. Think of floral patterns and designs and go for the most suitable.
  • We all love inspirational quotes and messages. You can design your favorite quote or say to get you inspired through the day every time you look at your phone.

There are numerous ideas to choose from. All that is needed is a little more creativity on your part, and you are good to go.

Steps involved when painting your phone case

  • You need to select the most suitable color to apply to your phone case. Your preference will come into play when deciding on the final look of your phone cover. You want to restore your phone cover and give it a new look, so you should make your color choice properly to avoid any future regrets.
  • Like painting any piece of art, you need to clean your phone case adequately to remove any unwanted particles like grease that might interfere with the paint. You hold your phone in your hand all the time and explain why you should clean it properly. Use alcohol-based sanitizer to get rid of impurities on the surface of your phone case.
  • Since most phone covers are made of silicone or plastic, you should choose the most suitable primer to use on your phone case. You don’t want to paint your favorite color only to last a few days, which is why you should make your paint stick for a more extended period.
  • Capitalize on your creative abilities. Unleash your creative potential and come up with designs to paint on your phone case. You choose from a wide range of design ideas we discussed earlier or paint a plain color if you don’t want decoration on your phone cover. To make different designs on the surface, use tape to cover areas you don’t want to paint after applying a primer. You can create sketches of images if you want precise results.
  • After applying the primer, you can now begin painting the phone case using a paint sprayer. Ensure you hold the sprayer at a distance of about twenty centimeters to achieve a smooth finish on your phone cover.

 Advantages of Phone Case Painting

There are numerous advantages you can get by painting your phone case. Let us look at some of them:

  • If you do it yourself, you will realize that it is the cheapest way to restore the look of your phone case compared to buying a new casing. What is more, you can customize the phone case to suit your needs.
  • What better way to unleash your creativity than by painting and designing your phone cover? You are free to customize the designs based on your needs.
  • Since acrylic paint has suitable properties, using it will give you a  satisfying experience painting your phone case. Acrylic paint is bright and occurs in desirable metallic forms to provide your phone cover the refreshing look you desire.
  • On the positive side of things, you don’t need a supply of complex and expensive items to do the painting. You can use your finger polish to paint your phone cover. Cheap right?
  • You can make almost any paint design on a blank cover if you want to change the look of your mobile device.

Provided you unleash your creative potential, you can never exhaust ideas to paint your phone cover. You want to alter or restore the look of your gadget, and there is no better way to do it than to be more creative with your painting skills. You don’t want to paint your phone case in a dull, plain color; you might consider making drawings or even writing your name.

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