How To Get Spray Paint Off Carpet?

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Spray paint dries faster when sprayed on any surface, so you may consider cleaning it as fast as possible. Continue reading to learn how to get spray paint off the carpet.

7 Sure Methods To Get Spray Paint Off from Carpet

Aerosol paint comes in handy whenever you want to apply paint on your home fixtures and fittings, such as cupboards, countertops, and all sorts of furniture. Spraying paint on such surfaces is essential to restore their fading look and shield them from the effects of molds.

Working with spray paint is a little faster than other forms of painting. Nevertheless, it is not proper to use aerosol paints in your home due to health concerns.

While spraying your furniture with paint at home, by accident, you may spray other items you may not have intended, such as the carpet. So, how do you get spray paint off your carpet? In this article, you will learn seven sure ways to remove paint overspray from your carpet.

1. Removing Spray Paint  From The Carpet Using Dish Soap

Soapdish contains active additives that act on the fabric of your clothes to remove any unwanted dirt. The ingredients in soapdish work in the same way as paint thinner. Prepare a water and soap dish mixture and use a suitable rag to clean the paint stains off your carpet.

You can achieve the best results with your soap dish cleaner if the spray paint in question is oil-based. Add a suitable proportion of your soap dish solution to warm water and apply the contents to the paint stains on the carpet.

Let the solvent sit on the fabric of your carpet for a couple of minutes before moving to the next step. Use a suitable cloth to wipe the dried-in stains from your carpet.

2. Removing Spray Paint From The Carpet Using Alcohol

Alcohol is a good cleansing agent; you can use it to eliminate stubborn stains on most surfaces. A solution of the alcohol reacts by dissolving any oil-based paint on your carpet for easy removal. Additionally, alcohol can penetrate the fabric of your carpet to disintegrate any paint stains.

Be sure to do a patch test on a small area of your carpet to determine if your alcohol has any fading effects on the carpet. If any fading is visible, consider using a mild cleaning agent.

Use a suitable rubbing material for your exercise. Dip the rag in alcohol or your preferred cleaner and rub it around the paint spots. Consider going over the procedure several times to get rid of all stains from your carpet.

Be sure to wipe your carpet with a clean and dry towel. The towel should be able to absorb excess alcohol from the carpet. Consider repeating the procedure a couple of times until you are sure all the paint stains are completely gone. Note that alcohol-based detergent is also used to remove acrylic-based paints from the fabric of your materials.

3. Removing Spray Paint From Carpet Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Consider using Hydrogen Peroxide if you don’t have access to turpentine to remove dried spray paint stains. The peroxide dissolves the paint stains; thus, you can effortlessly remove them off the carpet.

Note that your hydrogen peroxide may discolor dull-colored carpets, so be sure to apply it on light-colored carpets to avoid unwanted patches on your carpet.

Add equal portions of both water and your hydrogen peroxide into a sprayer. Spray the solution directly on the paint stains on your carpets and let the solution react with the stains for a couple of minutes before proceeding.

4. Removing  Spray Paint From Carpet Using Acetone

Acetone is commonly used on nails to remove polish. It is a powerful detergent to use on dry spray paint on your carpet. Acetone, just like other detergents, dissolves paint in your carpet fabric to give you an effortless removal of the stains.

On a positive note, acetone is way cheaper compared to other commercial detergents. Use a small amount of acetone on the affected parts of your carpet and allow it to dry out.

Start removing the paint stains on the surface of your carpet using a suitable rag. You might want to repeat the procedure up to two times to remove stubborn paint stains on your carpet.

Dip your rag in cold water and rub around the paint stains in circular motions until the stains begin to come off the carpet. To improve the efficiency of acetone, you might want to add a given proportion of a suitable laundry detergent to your acetone solution. Note that acetone can help you to effortlessly remove paint stains off your carpet and achieve a spot-free fabric on your carpet.

Note that you can access the supplies mentioned in this procedure since some are commonly used in our homes. However, be sure always to carry out a patch test to determine the effect of such detergents on fabric to avoid damaging your carpet. The most common effect is fading and discoloration of surfaces.

5. Removing Spray Paint Off Carpet By Scrape And Rinse Method

Note that you must be dealing with water-based paints on your carpet for this method to be effective. Scrape the paint stains on your carpet using a stiff brush. Use a wet rag to wipe off the residue from the surface of your carpet. Be sure to dip your cloth in a soapy solution.

6. Removing Spray Paint From A Carpet Using  Turpentine

Turpentine works best if the spray paint on your carpet is still fresh. Use a mixture of soap and turpentine solvent on the paint stains. Use a dry tag to wipe over the dissolved paint stains.

Always work on the paint sprays as soon as you notice them. Waiting until the stains dry on your carpet will be more challenging whenever you want to remove them. Be sure to work on the stains gently to avoid damaging your carpet.

7. Removing Spray Paint From Carpet Using A Paint Thinner

Paint thinners work similarly to acetone and alcohol cleaners. However, the mode of application might differ slightly. Put a few drops of your thinner using a clean towel and rub it around the paint stains.

Tip: Be sure to do a patch test of the cleaning agents on one edge of your carpet before proceeding; you don’t want to use a chemical that will damage your carpet.

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