How to Fix Uneven Spray Paints?

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Wanna know how to fix uneven spray paints? Are you confused about why does spray paint looks uneven? Don’t worry at all. Your each and every query will be resolved here. There can be many reasons behind the uneven surface. Most probably, it happens when you fail to apply the necessary coats. However, getting out of this problem is so easier if you work through a smart process. 

In this article, you’ll read the complete guidance on it. Moreover, you’ll also get some more exciting information that’s helpful for you. The method we’ll discuss is so easy. You don’t need to be very expert in this field. When you’re fixing the uneven spray paint, the most important step to remember is patience. If you do it in a hurry, you’ll face the problems where you’re first. 

Let’s take a deep look at the tips that help you in fixing uneven spray paints. 

● Always prefer light coats and try to avoid thick coats.

● Build up your spray gun in a proper way.

● Keep working at a gap of 6-12 inches.

● Work slowly and use your motion at an angle of 90. 

● Maintain the appropriate distance (6-12 inches).

Information You Must Need To Know About An Uneven Spray Paint Job:

Orange Peel:

As its name describes, the improper paint surface, which has a rough texture, looks like an orange peel. It mostly happens due to not fixing spray guns properly. Moreover, when you’re using the wrong angle and using thick coatings. These are the minor errors that lead to uneven spray paints.

Paint Drips:

Paint drips are another severe problem. Again, you may face these problems in your places. But have you ever determined why this happens? The leading cause of this is the use of thinner. If you use too much thinner or the wrong type, you’ll face this.

Fish Eyes:

The unattractive occurrence that mostly happens on your own painted surfaces is known as fish eyes. If you’re painting, you need to be conscious not to let water or oil get into the air stream. But if you do it in a hurry and ignore them, then what happens? Fish eyes will appear. 

Precautions To Prevent Uneven Spray Painting:

Let’s move towards the precautions when you’re fixing uneven paint. These precautions will resolve your query about how to fix uneven spray paints.

Protection from Orange Peel:

Always choose the right spray gun. On some surfaces, you may require the can of a spray gun. Setting up is also an essential step. Set up your gun in a proper way. Your surface must be clear. So, remove any dirt, grease from the surface. To prevent orange peels, it’s better that you choose thinner with your paint. It’ll keep your paint in the best appearance and avoid thinning.

Precautions to Prevent Paint Drips:

When you buy paint for your surface, it’s most crucial to opt for higher quality paints. Cheap quality paint is too thin and doesn’t last for a longer time. That’s why never opt for the lowest quality paints. 

Holding your gun from a suitable distance is also very important. When using your spray paint, keep your spray gun at least a distance from 6-8 inches. This distance protects your surface from puddles. Don’t choose continuous spraying. Light coats work better on your painted surface. Once your first coat dries completely, then move towards the next coat. 

Precautions to Prevent Fish Eyes When Spray Painting:

Make sure to remove the dust and grease on your surface where you want to paint. Always use latex gloves during the painting. Check your tools. Your items must be in a proper form and not be leaking. 

Supplies Needed:

● Spray gun or spray can 

● New paint (If you wants a strong solid finish, use Rustoleum, or if you have less demanding projects, you can opt for latex)

● Respirator 

● Cardboard 

● Drop Cloth 

● Sandpaper

● Sanding block

● Wire brush

● Alcohol

● Trisodium phosphate (TSP)

You’re reading how to fix uneven spray paints. So, you must have all these items and in proper condition. It’s up to you that you go fora spray gun or spray can. 

A spray can is a metallic container, and it’s best to use for painting little parts. However, it becomes complicated to paint a large body with this can. A spray gun is in the form of a gun. It’s best for painting any area. It’ll give you more quality results than a spray can. 

How to Fix Uneven Spray Paint?

Now move towards how to fix the uneven spray paints. After these seven steps, you’ll be able to get the best results on your surface. 

1. Prepare the surface

2. Adjust spray gun pressure and test

3. Maintain a proper painting distance

4. Position yourself properly relative to the work surface

5. Start painting

6. Do a final check and touch-ups

7. Clean your equipment

Step 1 – Surface Preparation

The surface preparation becomes different with the different surfaces. Let’s discuss in detail which preparations we need for which surface. Here we’re sharing some points that help in properly preparing your required surface. 

Metal Surface

● The first step is picking a moist cloth for the metal surface, removing dust and pollutant particles. 

● If the surface has rust, then try to clear it. You can choose a wire brush for this purpose. 

● If you have any loose paint on your surface, make it clear with fine-grit sandpaper.

Plastic Surface

Now the case is different because we’re using the plastic surface.

● Pick up the soft cloth and start cleaning your surface. 

● For the removal of the base coat, wet sanding the surface lightly.

● To avoid the oil on the surface, remove it with alcohol. 

Wood Surface

Here’s the process also varies due to the unique composition of wood from other surfaces.

● As this is wood, we need trisodium phosphate (TSP) to remove any precious paint. 

● To remove the base coat, use sanding. To create a smooth surface, use fine-grit sandpaper.

Step 2 – Adjust the Pressure of your gun. 

For adjusting the pressure control knob of your spray gun, we need low pressure for perfect efficiency. That’s why we set low pressure on the gun. A perfect pressure setting helps you in obtaining fine and satisfactory results on your surface. But if you have any heavy edges or gaps, increase a little bit of pressure. For getting a smooth pattern, don’t insert too much pressure.

Step 3 – Maintain A Proper Painting Distance

Distance varies with the gun you’re using. Different guns gave their various settings. So it depends upon you which gun you’re using and how much distance you must keep. 

For an HVLP gun, there must be at least 6-8 inches from your painted surface, And if you have a conventional gun, try to keep it 8-10 inches from the surface. Finally, there are other air-assisted airless sprayers. For this, you must be at least 10-12 inches from your painted surface. And at last, you have airless sprayers. For this one, the distance must be 12-14 inches far. 

Step 4 – Position Setting 

Keep your position well throughout to the height of your painted surface. It increases your process of painting. Also, you can do a much faster job in this position. Don’t move your wrist but try to move the whole arm to get the best results. Keep the position of the spray gun perpendicular to your painted surface.

Step 5 – Start Painting

Never directly start applying your spray on your painted surface when you’re recoating your surface. Instead, the strategy is first to paint the side areas and move your arm towards your main surface. So how to fix uneven spray paints?

For obtaining even coverage on the surface, take your arm to a straight line. 

As compared to thick coats, thin coats are better. For better coverage, apply one coat and make it dry. When you realize it is fully dry, then move towards the next coat. Usually, your paint takes 30-40 minutes. It can vary according to your paint. 

Make sure to have the correct color of your paint. Start your first coat process by spray painting. After applying the first coat, move towards the second coat for smooth and even coverage. And at last, use a top and clear coat.

While fixing an uneven spray-painted wooden surface, it’s good to use polyurethane because it’ll give you a clear coat and a solid finish. You can choose semi-gloss, gloss, or matte finish based on your preference.

Step 6: Final looks 

Your first effort is useless if you don’t do the last check. When you’re checking, if you feel any spots pick up the fine-grit sandpaper. You can also choose the dry cloth and start rubbing the paint very gently. After doing this, repaint the final coating. 

Step 7: Cleaning of Your Equipment

Don’t leave your equipment in the worst condition. Your last step is to clean. Pick up your spray gun and start cleaning it. Pick up the instructions for the gun and start cleaning. For cleaning the spray guns, you mostly need water or solvent. It depends on what you’re using, whether you’ve water or oil-based paints. 

 After performing all these steps, we congratulate you because now you’ve wonderfully fixed uneven spray paints. Now you’ve got an idea of how to fix uneven spray paints. Pick up your supplies and start fixing uneven spray paints at home with the higher expectation of great results.

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