How To Dry Fabric Paint Fast?

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Not all paintwork dries as fast as expected, and fabric paint is no exception. In the following sections, you will learn how to dry fabric paint fast.

3 Sure Methods On How To Dry Fabric Paint Faster

While fabric paint may be appealing to your eyes, a lot of input is required to get that final look you desire. One notable thing about fabric paint is that it takes quite a long time to dry. Knowing essential tips and tricks on making your fabric paint dry faster is what this article is about. The steps below will give you important tips on how to make fabric paint dry faster

1. Maintaining Warm Temperatures for Your Clothes

One sure way to make your fabric paint dry out quickly is by ensuring your clothes are always warm. Below are the steps involved

Step 1. Use a suitable dryer for your fabric your fabric

While it is okay to dry your clothes naturally, it is essential to use the temperature generated by a dryer to warm your fabric. Using a dryer will hasten the drying time of your fabric paint to a great extent.

Step 2:Drying in the sun

In some instances, accessing a drier might be a challenge to you, so consider capitalizing on natural heat generated by the sun to dry your fabric paint. If you dry your fabric paint using the sun, you are assured of an evenly dried surface.

Step 3:Place your cloth in a conditioned environment

With the availability of a range of gadgets, be sure to maintain a specific temperature so your fabric paint can dry quickly. Consider using a thermostat for this exercise.

2.Demoisturizing your workspace

Be sure to work in an environment with minimal or no moisture. The presence of moisture in the room will only prolong your drying time. Here are the steps you should follow

Step 1:Suspend your clothing on a hanger

 As stated earlier, you want to work in an area with a sufficient flow of air and minimal moisture content. Your fabric paint will dry quickly by hanging your cloth because air will flow through the fabric, thus drying it. Ensure that your fabric paint is adequately exposed to the air in the room for efficient results.

Step 2:Use fans

If you cannot access a drier, a good option would be fanning the room to remove moisture. The absence of moisture in the room will ensure faster drying of your fabric paint.

Step 3:Using  a hairdryer

You may start wondering how you will use a hair drying device to dry your fabric paint. When trying to decide on the best driver to use, you should consider using a hairdryer to accomplish your task. A hair drier can emit sufficient heat to dry your fabric paint faster. One advantage of using a hairdryer is adjusting the temperatures to avoid damaging your fabric paint.

3.Using a Faster-drying Fabric Paint

You can follow all the steps highlighted in this article, but you might not achieve the results you want if you don’t choose your paint correctly. Check out the following steps.

Step 1:Using the right fabric paint

The objective of this project is to ensure your fabric paint dries out in the shortest time possible. Amongst other factors, be sure to select a fabric paint with the right features, such as a short drying time. A fast-drying paint will ensure your fabric paint takes as little time as possible to dry.

Step 2:Consider blending our fabric paint with other paints

It would be helpful for you to blend your fabric paint with other paints, preferably acrylic paint, for effective results. Be sure to mix your two paints in a ratio of 1:2. Stir the mixture thoroughly to achieve a uniform hue. Mixing your fabric paint with acrylic paint will reduce drying time significantly.

Step 3:Use a fabric-based ink

Since fabric paint is relatively heavy, you might want to use a suitable fabric-based ink because it is lighter and dries out much faster than fabric paint.

Tips Worth noting

  • Be sure to apply your fabric paint on clean and dry clothes. It would be helpful to read the instructions tag on your clothes for father direction on applying fabric paint.
  • Ensure you use a drop cloth below your cloth to minimize the chances of doing messy work. Additionally, you don’t want your fabric paint to drip through and mess your whole cloth, so use a proper material in between the pieces of your cloth.
  • Be sure to dry your painted clothing by using the sun or any method of choice, as discussed elsewhere in this article. Note, it is proper to use natural heat from the sun because it dries your fabric paint evenly.
  • Use a hairdryer to dry your fabric paint, but adjust the buttons for a desired range of temperature. Ensure you hold your dryer at a suitable distance from the cloth to avoid causing any damages to your cloth. Note that a hairdryer comes in handy if clouds obscure the sun.
  • If you decide to carry out your project in one of your rooms, ensure the room you choose is free from moisture and dry for efficient outcomes. Note that working under humid conditions will only increase the amount it takes for your fabric paint to dry.
  • Be sure to use suitable material to press on the fabric paint once you are sure it is scorched. Avoid any form of ironing, as this might remove your beautifully painted fabric
  • Using a dryer will hasten the drying time of your fabric paint to a great extent.
  • Be sure you hold your dryer at a suitable distance from the cloth to avoid causing any burns to your cloth. Note that a hairdryer comes in handy if the weather can not allow you to use the sun.

If you apply the tips highlighted in this article, you will master the art of drying your fabric paint quickly. The tips discussed above will lessen the duration it takes for your fabric paint to dry. Be sure to incorporate all three methods for better results. Having the right supplies at your disposal will be a big plus in your project.

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