The Best Acrylic Paint For Plastic Models

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If you are a beginner, you may find it hard to pick the best acrylic paint for plastic. Be that is may, this article will guide in making the right choice.

Dealers stock a wide range of acrylic paints, and getting to buy the best is a bit of a challenge. Plastic models need specific paints which is why you should have the necessary information to help decide on the best acrylic paint for plastic models

If you are grappling with the idea of buying the best acrylic paint for plastics, then you will find the contents of this article invaluable.

Who Needs This Product?

Some of us operate on tight budget constraints so hiring an established painter to help you with your paintwork may not sound like a good idea. Be that as it may, it is crucial to learn how to select the best acrylic paint for your plastic models.

Acrylic paints are not only meant for individuals who are trying to buy the best acrylic paint for their plastic models but also do-it-yourself-persons who are trying to hone their artistic skills.

What Readers Will Learn?

You would be forgiven for thinking that any paint can be applied to plastic models. It is hard imagining the best paint to apply on your plastic models; Yet, if you are still reading, you are going to learn a lot because we will talk about 2021s  best acrylic paint for plastic models. We will also look at their features, and also give a detailed review of each of them

What is more, I am going to feed you with more information consisting of a well-analyzed buying guide so you can make the best decision when buying acrylic painters for your plastics.

I must mention that having used these paints in some of our painting projects, you can be sure that the contents of this review are up to date and accurate. On top of that, we have capitalized on internet research coupled with expert opinion to build on one of the most credible reviews.

Best  Acrylic Paint For Plastic Models In 2021

Many factors, some of which have been mentioned in the preceding sections of this article, contribute to the difficulty of getting to pick the best acrylic paint for plastics. This is the motivation that led me to compose a list of two of 2021s best acrylic paint for plastic models. Check out the list below

1. Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint: Best For Beginners

Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint Set, 22ml

Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint is known to be one of the best acrylic paint in the market currently. Liquitex prides itself on a ton of features that make it a darling to many painting artists. The fact that it is compatible with most surfaces is a plus and also a good choice for newbie painters


  • Liquitex dries pretty fast compared to other acrylic paints
  • It has excellent bonding properties so it can stick to most surfaces
  • Liquitex contains quality pigments  to give you a fine  finish on your paintwork
  • Its ability to flow is moderate(Medium viscosity)
  • It has a wide range of opacities
  • It is pretty cheap to use


  • Liquitex Basics is cost-effective without compromising on quality
  • Liquitex can be used by all people with different skill levels
  • It is rich in quality pigments to give you a fine finish
  • It is versatile which  allows you to do your work seamlessly


  • Liquitex best suited  for beginner painters
  • It is pretty easy to clean when wet
  • Liquitex gives you value for your money
  • This type of paint is pretty easy to use


  • It is Expensive

Reason to Buy

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Basics is meant for all artistic creations regardless of skill level; it is and what is more, it is compatible with most surfaces and if you want to save a few bucks, then this should be your number one acrylic paint.

2. Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint: Best For Both  Indoor & Outdoor Use

Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint, Set of 20 Colors/Bottles 2 oz./59 ml. Rich Pigment Multi-Surface Craft Paints, Art Supplies for Halloween Pumpkin and Decorations, Canvas, Rock, Wood, Fabric, Leather, Paper

This paint prides itself with a mouth-watering price tag; Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint has a rich composition of pigments to give you an excellent finish on your paintwork. What is more, Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint works better on outdoor and indoor-based painting activities.


  • It is highly viscous
  • It can be applied to both indoor and outdoor painting activities
  • The paint shows signs of permanency when dry so colors can last much longer (scuff-resistant)


  • Safe for use by both adults and children
  • Contains quality pigments to give you a fine paintwork finish
  • Can be blended to produce a variety of shades and hues
  • It is environmental friendly
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor paintwork projects


  • It is multicolored so you can create several shades for your painting project
  • It is non-toxic
  • Both adults and children can use it for various crafts
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor paintwork


  • It is highly viscous (thick)

Reason to Buy

Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint has excellent properties that make it a good pick for most painting projects; Firstly, you can choose from a wide range of colors for your painting projects, secondly, Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint is compatible with most surfaces, and lastly it ha great consistent properties.

Best Acrylic Paint For Plastic: Buying Guide In 2021

  • There are many known advantages of paint which include restoring the look of any given surface amongst many other advantages.
  • Now, plastic materials happen to be one of the surfaces you can apply paint to give them a new lease of life. However, you must be prepared to know all the intricate procedures involved.
  • In this guide, we have tried to suggest a ton of ideas to help you out in choosing the best acrylic paint for plastic models regardless of your skill level.
  • Your main worry is to ensure that the type of paint you finally decide to use on your plastic is top-notch and that it is also budget-friendly.
  • Always go for acrylic paint that is meant for plastic materials. Below are key features to put into consideration when buying acrylic paints. Check them out.

Key Features To Consider When Buying Acrylic Paints

Mode of Application

Before you decide on the best acrylic paint to use, it would be better to understand the way and method you are going to use to apply our paint. This is a basic consideration because it will determine among other factors, the features you are going to look for in your preferred paint. There are those paints that are purely meant to be sprayed while others will require a paintbrush or a suitable roller to apply them.

The Primer

This factor forms part of the primary considerations when deciding on the best acrylic paint to buy. The initial activities of any paintwork involve the application of suitable primer. Be sure to go for a paint that has a primer as an additive in your paint for better application.

Portability of the paint

Depending on the size of your plastic material, it would be better for you to consider choosing the container holding your paint appropriately. Go for light containers if you intend to do light paintwork and heavy cans if your paintwork is going to be based at home.

The durability of the paint

When you decide to paint your plastic models, your primary concern is to apply a bent that will stay for some time before you think of repainting. Be sure to go for high-quality paints if you intend for your plastic models to last much longer. You will know you have used quality paint if the paintwork is resistant to cracks and other environmental effects.

Quantity required

Again, as I mentioned earlier, the size of your painting project will determine the amount of paint you will buy. Do you calculate properly to ensure that the paint you buy will complete your entire painting project. have enough paint.

Color of the paint

Acrylic paints are multicolored so choosing your preferred color isn’t going to be much of a problem. Always go for a color that will not be affected greatly by environmental conditions upon drying

Drying Time

The time it takes for your acrylic paint to dry is a major factor that you shouldn’t ignore. Fortunately, from the information, we shared earlier. Our selection of the best paints for 2021  dry pretty faster compared to other paints.


Always go for pants that are safe to use and non-toxic. Our two best paints are non-toxic and safe to use by anybody. Be sure to buy paints that do not have a strong smell as this might affect your respiratory system.

Benefits of plastic Paint you should know

  • They dry faster for better results. You don’t want to spend most of your time drying the pain
  • Most acrylic paints that are meant for plastic have a primer additive so you don’t need to apply a primer.
  • They are pretty light. Plastic paints are light compared to other paints which are why you can work with them effortlessly.
  • Most acrylic paints for plastics are easy to clean especially when wet.
  • Acrylic paints for plastic models are generally strong and resistant to environmental effects such as cracking.

Important Tips to note

  • Be sure to clean your plastic surface before applying your acrylic paint
  • Always let your acrylic paint dry properly for best results
  • Be sure to work in an environment where there is a free flow of air and much less humidity
  • Always buy quality paints if you want the best results with your paintwork
  • Be sure to mix your acrylic paint thoroughly before using it
  • Be sure to buy a product that is certified to avoid messing your paintwork
  • Always use clean tools to apply our paint

Frequently Asked Questions

While carrying out this research, I came across lots of unanswered questions regarding this topic. Below, I have compiled a list of the questions with well-thought solutions. Check them out.

Question: Can you paint plastic models with acrylic?

Any painting project will require you to decide on which of the two paints (acrylic and oil/enamel)you will use. Acrylic paints work best on plastic surfaces, so your answer is acrylic paint due to their excellent properties.

Question: How can you prepare plastic models for painting?

Just like you would other painting projects, be sure to thoroughly clean your plastic surface before you begin your painting. Be sure to use a soapy solution to wash the surface of your plastic models.

Question: Is it possible to make acrylic paint stick to plastic?

The most ideal way to do things is to start by applying a suitable primer on your plastic surface before the actual application of your acrylic paint. Alternatively, you can use a base layer such as oil paint to get the same results.

Question: What can you use to seal acrylic paint on plastic?

Shop online for a suitable acrylic sealing substance. The acrylic sealer will not only give your paintwork a clean finish but will also offer additional protection to your paintwork. Be sure to use a spray for better results.

Question: Is it possible for chalk paint to stick to plastic?

No. Due to poor bonding properties, chalk paint doesn’t bond properly on plastic surfaces. However, certain procedures can be done to enhance its sticking properties. Such procedures might be a bit intricate so I would advise you to stick to acrylic paints.

Question: Is there a primer for plastic?

Acrylic paints have a primer additive in them so it is not necessary to buy one. But, some primers are meant for plastics which you may decide to use if you wish to.


Of the two points discussed in this article, I am of the view that Arteza Outdoor Acrylic Paint is the best option so far owing to its excellent features and a wide range of applications. Even so, Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint is also a good bet but you need to spend extra coins.

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