What causes paint to wrinkle? The Hidden Mystery Behind

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Various factors are responsible for the wrinkling of paints. We will briefly discuss various factors that cause paint to wrinkle and the solution to that.

The wrinkling of paint is basically the rough/dull surface of the paint in which the outer layers are dried just before the inner one as a result of which the inner layer remains moist and soft. This actually causes the wrinkling of the paint. Wrinkling of paint can be recognized by an uneven and irregular surface of paint which happens when uncured paint frames a ‘skin’.

Some factors that cause paint to wrinkle:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Too thick layer of paint
  • Surface contamination
  • Uncured primer
  • Incompatible  material
What causes paint to wrinkle


High temperatures can also lead to the wrinkling of paint. When there is very hot weather, it causes the paint to wrinkle. During hot summers, the outer surface of the paint becomes dry earlier than the inner one.

However, when the temperature is low, the paint becomes thicker and it takes much time to dry. It also means that solvent takes much time to evaporate at a lower temperature.

The manufacturer’s recommended temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


At the point when dampness is high, the paint is presented to more measure of water fume, which influences drying not just of acrylic and latex paints. If the humidity of the air is greater than 85% or the dewdrop is just close to 3 degrees, avoid painting otherwise, it results in the wrinkling of the paint.

Too thick layer of paint

Here is another cause. Applying an excessively thick covering of paint is the only explanation for paint wrinkles. What happens is that the outside of the paint dries, however, what is under the external layer is as yet wet. 

With the uncured paint caught under the skin, the dried film has nothing to moor to. As the dried layer grows and contracts it builds up a trap of wrinkles.

Surface contamination

Another factor that causes paint to wrinkle is surface contamination. Wax, oil, or different impurities on the outside of the substrate can likewise keep the paint from mooring to it. Wax and oil remover will clean sleek toxins. A last wipe down of the surface with isopropyl liquor will eliminate any leftover toxins staying after dissolvable cleaning.

So the surface should be contamination-free before painting otherwise it will cause the paint to wrinkle. So, the contamination-free surface is the key step before painting.

Uncured primer

Primer is basically a coating used just before painting. When you apply paint after primer which has not been cured, it causes wrinkling of the paint. So, to avoid wrinkling the primer should be cured otherwise it causes wrinkling or blisters.

Incompatible materials

Do follow the paint maker’s suggestions with respect to the similarity of groundwork, paints, thinners, and added substances.


To begin with, scratch or sand the substrate to eliminate wrinkled covering. In the case of using primer, permit it to dry totally prior to applying the topcoat. By then, repent your surface in ideal conditions and put a uniform layer of top quality inside.

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