How to paint over rubber boots?

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Here we’ll discuss the method of how to paint over rubber boots. You don’t need professionals to paint. You need a proper method that’ll help you paint on the rubber boots and give them a radiant look. Normally you paint on your home’s wall and gates, but sometimes you need something different for your paint. Suppose you want on the rubber chair or rubber tier. How to spray rubber without cracking? It’s a complex task because you see some cracks on your boots. Also, the most common difficulty is that the paint does not stick to the rubber properly. Let’s share the tips which will prove useful in painting over rubber boots.

Method 1 To Paint On The Rubber Boots

Supplies Needed 

  • Rags
  •  Soap of dishwashing
  •  Suitable spray paint bottle
  •  Painter’s tape
  •  Paintbrushes
  •  Acrylic paint of the same color
  • Polyurethane

You need all these items for proper painting. This method helps you how to paint on the rubber without cracking? Ok, let’s start and show your inner art.

Step 1 : Cleaning The Surface

Firstly clean the boot’s surface; you can use anything like wet rugs or soap for this. Try to wash the surface with rinse water so that your dirt or any dust particle will not remain on it. Leave it for a few minutes until it dries completely. 

Step 2 : Use Sandpaper Or Alcohol

Now, pick up the sandpaper and rotate it in a circular motion to clean the boots. If you feel that there is something greasy or oily, use alcohol to remove it. 

We should follow all these steps because a clean surface is necessary for spray paints to make them more adherent.

Step 3 : Proper Space Needed

You’re using spray paint. That’s why you need a properly ventilated place. If you feel that you need someplace to avoid painting, you can use painter’s tape there.

Step 4 : Primers And Coating Layers

Spray paints mostly contain primers, so try to avoid the use of primers in spray paints. Whichever spray paint you’re using, firstly check whether it is suitable for the rubber surface or not. The spray paints are designed in a way that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Different surfaces need different coating layers. It depends on your surface whether you’re using it for shoes or chairs or anything. The number of coats depends on them. Many people do not read the instructions carefully and use the primer before applying the paint. If you’ll apply the primer, firstly completely dry the primer and then apply the paint to the surface.

Spray paint is always the best choice for rubber, but you can also use acrylic or enamel paint on boots if you don’t have spray paint or any other case.

Step 5 : Applying The Primer

Now it’s time to apply the paint. So keep following some instructions here. If you feel necessary, wear a mask properly. Stay away from the spray about 30 cm to 45 cm from the surface of boots. Spray the paint in the horizontal direction and speedily.

Step 6 : Applying The Second Layer

Apply the second layer of paint until you feel your first layer has dried completely. When you paint the first layer and are ready to paint for the second layer, wait for about 15 to 20 minutes in this gap. When you fully paint the surface, leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will dry completely.

Step 7 : Covers Remove Blanks

If you have applied the tape, now it’s time to leave these tapes. Remove them gently in a way that your paint will not damage. And if you feel that there are some blanks where your paint has not applied. Use acrylic paint on boots to fill these blanks.

Step 8 : Apply The Polyurethane

For plastic coating, spray applies the polyurethane.

Step 9 : The Painted Shoe Is Ready.

Congratulations, you’ve safely reached the last step. You only need to wait for the last layer to dry. The drying time is mentioned in the product packaging. You can see beautiful and smooth paint on your shoes without cracking. For this, you should know how to prevent acrylic paint from cracking on shoes.

Method 2 To Paint On The Rubber Boots

Let’s discuss another method to get your design how to paint on the rubber boots? And give them some luster again. Not the only luster, you can make your favorite designs with your favorite color on the boots. So, be ready. I’m sharing with you another simplex method that’ll help you a lot.

Supplies Needed

  • Spray paints
  • Boots you want to paint
  • Stencils for designs
  • Sheet of plastic
  • Tape

Step 1  : Basecoat

Firstly apply the base coat; apply the next layer until the first layer dries. Make sure that no wet paint remains. When the paint is fully dry, move towards another step.

Step 2 : Taping the stencils

Now tape the stencils gently where you want to design them on the boots.

Step 3 : Plastic sheet to cover

Now cover all the boots with a plastic sheet except the stencils where you want to paint.

Step 4 : Spray on stencils

Choose your favorite spray, start painting where you want to, and leave the area where you want to use another spray.

Step 5 : Another spray layer for stencils

Now repeat the same process for the other color. Be sure to cover the area you don’t want to paint.

Step 6 : Remove the stencil

Now it’s time to remove the stencils. Peel off the stencil when it becomes fully dry.

Step 7 : Designed boots are ready.

Your boot is ready. You can make amazing designs whatever you want if you feel your paint is not according to your wish. You can also repeat the same process from the base coating. And make the new designs again.

After reading all the instructions, you can observe the painting on the boots is no longer difficult and complex. You can do it very easily. Just keep all the instructions in front and use the sprays as per instruction for efficient results. You can also paint rubber soles on sneakers. Show your creativity and make different designs on the boots and sneakers.