Best Paint For Chicken Coop

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Wanna know which is the best paint for a chicken coop? If yes, then read the whole article to find the details of which paint you have to apply on your chicken coop.

Everyone looking for a paint coop needs the perfect ones that are easy to clean and protect your woods against external factors. Not only this, but you also need paint that’ll look more beautiful and compel people to appreciate it. Appreciation is on one side. The crucial point to notice is safety because ignorance can lead you to the most undesirable results.

For you, we have found two right products that are the very best choice for your chicken coop. Moreover, this information contains all the information, its advantages, pros, and cons to select the best one.

Who needs this product?

The most common reason you’re looking for this product is to bring significant attraction to your chicken cook. Moreover, it’s necessary to sell your chicken to increase its worth because the first thing that buyers notice while buying any product is its attraction. Moreover, if you wanna do something for their chickens in the best way, you need this paint because of the condition of the coop. Those who wish for their coops to resist cracks and peeling off can buy this product. Many coops paint face external environmental conditions, including sun, rain, and snow. Your coops can become victims of all these. The best exterior paint can seal or protect the damages from these factors. And it also helps in retaining your house for a long time.

What Do Readers Will Learn?

In this article, people will go through the two best paints for their chicken cooks. All the paint features are in front of you to easily identify the suitable paint for you. You’ll go through paint nature, paint color, and it’s every feature. So read the article from top to bottom to not miss any point.

The two Best paints to paint the Chicken Coop

When people search on Google to find chicken coop paint, several options are shown. It’s a thing that creates confusion because it becomes a very difficult task to select the suitable paint for your chicken coop. All of them show you their features, but how can we believe all these features exist in this painting or not? How can you determine which factor is the most important to consider? How to check the brand’s reliability? We have collected the two best paints for the chicken coop for your ease and to extract you from these problems. These paints contain real features and pros and cons because you have everything in front of you when you have pros and cons. Let’s view the details of these paintings.

1. Real Milk Paint – Barn Red, Gallon : 100% Natural And Voc Free Paint

Real Milk Paint - Barn Red, Gallon

Real milk paint is an excellent choice to paint coop when used on porous materials like stucco, raw wood, concrete, terra cotta, unfinished drywall, and many more places. It comes in a powdered paint system that will reduce shipping weight and increase shelf life. In addition, it proves the best paint for your environment by considering biodegradable paint.


  • This product is made from 100% natural ingredients. No chemicals are included in it. That’s why this is VOC-free and non-toxic.
  • As this paint is powdered paint, you only have to add water and then mix. You can see your mixture is ready.
  • Boost 50+ rich colors; If these colors are not enough, you can have limitless shades by intermixing. By intermixing, you can check your desired shade.
  • UV-resistant dries to a flat/matte finish,


  • You’ll get a highly attractive surface to impress you, your chicken, and the guests that’ll come to you. Gives you the appearance of antiquity straight off the brush with a variegated and slightly streaky finish.
  • Due to its nonporous nature, this paint can exchange moisture.
  • We recommend sealing milk paint with wax, drying oil, or another common finish for most projects.
  • It can be transformed into an exterior paint that is water- and fade-resistant when paired with the right topcoat. Real Milk Paint can be used as durable paint and is easy to use.
  • Milk-painted pieces naturally show many variations in color and texture. It’s perfectly normal.


  • For a Peeled, Chippy, or cracked surface, paint directly on top of existing finishes
  • There’s no primer needed for porous and raw wood surfaces
  • Sticks to latex by adding Ultra bond.
  • Due to its Water-based formula, it’s very convenient to use.
  • The bag comes with everything you need; all you have to do is add water
  • Mix with water for at least two weeks to keep it usable.
  • It does not congeal into a blob
  • Echo companion
  • Non-Poisonous in nature
  • Doesn’t contain radioactive Kaolin Clays for the filler
  • The excellent traditional color palette based on antique furniture
  • Virtual and smell-free
  • Not the symptom of any residual odor when you dry completely 
  • Dries quickly
  • Permanent, durable, and non-polluting


  • Not specified for interior projects.

Reason to buy

Real Milk Paint adds color to your life naturally! Easy to use, non-toxic, milk paint that is versatile. It does not hold any dangerous chemicals and has 100% organic material. Safe for the environment and has no toxic fumes.

2. KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, And Barn Paint: Ideal For Exterior Wood Surfaces

KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint, Red, 1-gallon

It’s the best exterior paint to cover your external wood that not only adds a glamorous look to your surfaces but also provides protection. It’s 2 in 1 formula.


  • If the paint does not provide protection, then it’s useless. That’s why this paint is specially designed to provide your chicken coops full protection.
  • Along with the protection and coverage, if you want something exciting for your chicken coop paint, it’ll also give you its texture.
  • When you apply the paint, it adds beauty to your external environment and helps resist blistering and cracks.
  • The specially designed formula of its water/oil is ready to offer you excellent adhesion. It also promises you prolonged durability in many conditions.
  • Boost a high level of flexibility.
  • It will provide you very excellent results when you apply it on exterior woods, but it’s not only limited to this but also a very fine paint for stucco, masonry, and sanded glossy. But keep always remembering to remove the dirt or milk glaze before painting.
  • This 1-gallon container of KILZ Exterior, Fence, and Barn Paint is in red. It is no doubt the perfect product for vertical exterior surfaces.
  • The coverage varies depending on the porosity. It can vary from 200 sq. ft. per gallon for porous surfaces to 500 sq. ft. per gallon for smooth, nonporous surfaces.


  • You’ll see very good results when you use it on outdoor wood weathering.
  • Made for the exterior vertical wood surfaces like fences or laminates.
  • Very suitable when also applied on masonry, plywood, shingles, and stucco
  • Modern oil/water formula unites both the penetration benefits of oil-based products with the durability, fade resistance, and ease of clean-up of water-based paints.
  • It has supreme durability. Its formula contains high UV protection, and it helps in preventing cracks and peels.
  • Red barn Paint, also available in white
  • This paint can be sprayed or either brushed and can also roll on.
  • After 2-3 hours, you can touch the surface. Before you can recoat, allow 6-8 hours of drying.


  • Resists cracking, fading, and peeling
  • The unique water/oil base formula makes it weather-resistant
  • Easily washable with water and soap
  • Quickly drying
  • Mildew-resistant and livestock-safe


  • Average quality packaging

Best Paint For Chicken Coop: Buying Guide

Don’t doubt many brands are offering chicken coop paint at an affordable price. Moreover, we can also say that they boost higher levels of quality and long-term existence ability. But the most important thing to consider is that sometimes you don’t require some factors in the product to determine how good they are. Instead, you have to determine your level of demand according to your requirements for the product you want to paint to get excellent results.

After many observations and analyses, we have become capable of considering the essential points while buying paint for your chicken coop. Don’t ignore any single point because it can be the one to causes the problem in the results. So let’s see what these points are.

  • Non-toxic: The paint you are applying to the chicken coop must be animal-safe, meaning it’s non-toxic. Chickens are in the habit of pecking. So, if you are non-toxic, then it’ll not be harmful to your chicken. Otherwise, it will cause serious results.
  • Preservative: The best paint is the only one that provides your coop paint with proper protection also. If the paint is not a preservative, then it’s useless. The paint we have discussed above has proper preservation that’s very good for your coop.
  • Environment-friendly: The paint for the coop must contain compounds that prove useful for the environment. The chemicals must not damage the environment. They must be environmentally friendly. They should have low VOCs ( low volatile organic compounds).
  • Choose the right color: Always opt for the right color. Don’t choose a color that is not suitable for the chickens, like light blue. Instead, select the color of the coop red so your chickens become more attracted to their coops.

Rules to paint Chicken Cooks:

Here are the rules that you must follow when you’re painting chicken cooks.

  • Go for a non-toxic paint, or it must be a wood preservative because the dangerous chemical will destroy the respiratory system of the chickens.
  • Don’t apply the paint when chickens are in the coop. Apply paint only when the chickens are out from their coops because it can be dangerous for them.
  • Moreover, don’t insert your chicken in the cook during or just after the process. Make your cook dry completely and odor-free. When fully dry, move back the chicken into the coop for better results.
  • Research a lot and always use suitable paint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does barn paint need a primer?

Barn Paint is designed in a way that no need for any primer before applying it to wood. It can be used with a brush, paint roller, or airless spray.

Is Kilz’s exterior paint good?

Kilz has low VOC with a very low odor. Due to its excellent finish, it looks very stunning when you apply it to the surface. Its best quality is that it will not fade, not resist, and not peel. When you use this paint, you can see how long-lasting this paint is.

Does milk paint have VOCs?

When combined with natural, earthen, or mineral pigment powders, such as those offered by Earth Pigments, milk paint will have absolutely zero VOCs.

What colors make chickens happy?

It looks very amazing that the chicken is attracted to the red color. So if you not only keep your chicken but also want to attract them towards their coop, then pint red is a good choice. Paint the red color of the chicken coop and see the magic of how the chicken attracts towards the coop.

Which color scars chicken?

On the one side, the red color attracts the chicken towards their coop; on the other side, the light blue color. Blue light plays a negative role due to its shade that helps induce chicken mites, lowering the disease resistance of chickens and egg production rate in adult hens. In addition, coop paint affects the chicken. So, keep your chickens away from the blue if you wanna see them in a good situation.


In this article, you have visited all the features of both these paints. It now depends upon you which paint you select. Both paints at their place are right. Choose the paint you think is the best paint for the chicken coop, considering your requirements. But both paints have some common properties, including that both are ecologically safe, have no toxins, and have no VOCs.

Moreover, both have better coverage. So, don’t hesitate even a little to invest your money in a product willing to give you much more than what you invest. It’s due to their fantastic features that prove well for your coop and place your chicken too.

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